Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

Sally’s in full CEO mode as she sits down at her new desk (Adam’s old desk) and rejoices over the CEO nameplate (in case she forgot her name, new title, and where she works)

Adam puts a framed photo of himself and Connor on his new desk. But, when Victor stops by, he muses that he might not hold the CEO title for long. Adam knows his Dad didn’t hire him for his abilities. Rather, it has to do with Vikki.

At CL’s with Nick, Nikki wonders if Billy knows where Vikki is. He won’t stand for his kids being moved away, Nick’s sure.

In the park, Billy leaves a long-winded message for Vikki; rehashing their last conversation, he doesn’t want her to think badly of him. Lily appears to eavesdrop.

Lily continues to listen as Billy – the kids are still in boarding school so there’s plenty of time before they get together to talk to them. I want you to be happy, Billy concludes with sincerity. After he hangs up, Lily emerges to thank Billy for taking her advice that it’s time to let Vikki go. He appreciates Lily getting that through his thick skull. That thing he wanted to talk to her about is his Jill’s concern that he’s self-sabotaging again.

Nikki whines some more about Vikki leaving town with that conniving bastard. Your Father thinks she’ll come home after her heart’s broken again. Neither she nor Nick feel good about Adam being named as Newman’s new CEO.

Knowing he’s the last person Vikki wants in this chair, Adam also knows that his Dad hopes it’ll be the slap in the face she needs to snap her back to reality (and back home) Praised for being ‘clever’ enough to figure it out, Adam WILL play his role better than his Dad even imagined.

Adam relishes the chance to prove that he can run the business better than Vikki and her ‘three ring circus’. Victor issues a blunt reminder that Adam didn’t do a good job last time he sat in that chair.

Though Nick’s accepted that they’ll have to let things with Vikki play out, Nikki has one more avenue to pursue.

Billy promises Lily that there’s nothing to worry about – he’s not heading for a dark place. When he talks about how liberating and invigorating it is to do The Grinning Soul podcast, Lily worries that he’s pulling away from her and Chancellor Winters.

Adam was proud to step up when Victor was presumed dead. No, you were ‘arrogant’, Victor was appalled by his ‘methods’. Adam was too – but he got results. He now has the temperament to lead the company and preserve his Dad’s legacy (better than Vikki can) When Mike barges in, Adam’s basically told to mind his own business. ‘Don’t screw up’, Victor points a *finger-gun* at Adam as he follows Mike out.