Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Kyle and Summer have summoned Jack home to share important news. Now that the acquisition’s all but a done deal, Kyle’s decided to step down as co-CEO of Jabot to take on the role of CEO at Marchetti.

Diane’s so pleased that her friend Mike’s invited her to the park. He warns her that Nikki’s ordered him to do a deep dive into her life in LA. If there’s anything he should know about, now’s the time to fess up.

Running into one another at the elevator, Elena goes into Devon’s place to find Devon’s laptop. She then gets a call that broadens her smile.

Meeting Amanda at CL’s, Imani tells her that Dad called – it’s Mom.

Hearing that their Mom had a stroke, Amanda’s sorry she downplayed Imani’s concerns. They can’t go visit her in the hospital but Imani’s Dad will keep her updated.

Jack will miss working with his son – but can’t wait to watch him soar as CEO of Marchetti.

Diane swears she wasn’t up to any shenanigans – she has nothing to hide. Mike hopes so ‘Taylor. Diane’s time in LA was spent becoming worthy of being Kyle’s Mother. In the usual ‘disguise’, Phyllis eavesdrops.

When Summer brings her Mother up, Jack won’t spill on what happened between them and Diane. After he escapes, Summer tells Kyle that she WILL find out what’s being hidden from them.

Elena comes home to tell Nate that she’s been asked to speak at a convention in Hawaii. He’s not so sure that him coming along is a good idea.

Mike gushes on about how much he and Lauren are in love. Diane had no such romances in LA. How about now? Mike thinks she should put herself out there. On cue, Jack appears. Happy to have his friend back, Mike thinks more people should listen to what Diane has to say, Under her huge floppy hat, Phyllis fumes.