Thursday, September 15th, 2022

In the park, Nick doesn’t have to guess what Adam’s declarations were. And knowing that she has strong feelings for Adam, Nick doesn’t want to be a factor while Sally figures things out.

When Adam’s search for Sally takes him to Vikki’s office, she says – you just missed her and Nick – they went for coffee. Vikki tattles that Sally missed a meeting. Nick spoke to her about it and is hopefully making it clear right now that she can be replaced.

At Society, Imani tells Nate that Lily called an emergency meeting. Devon’s stubborn but Lily will lean on him. Nate has a better and more powerful solution – thanks to Inai. He’s taking her advice to be ruthless, starting today.

Elena and Devon run into each other at CL’s – literally. Neither are having a great day thanksto Nate. He thinksit for the best – we have different philosophies. He hopes it’s not causing any stress at home. Before Elena can answer, Lily interrupts needing to speak to Devon privately.

When Adam defends Sally, Vikki suggests that if he ever cared about her – let her go. She mocks Adam’s love for Sally. He made a huge mistake and feel sbadly about leavign a wave of destruction. I guess you have no idea where I’m coming from, Adam leaves Vikkito text Nick – Adam’s looking for Sally. Trouble for her = trouble for us.

Back at the park, Sally vows to put NM first. She can’t afford to make mistakes with Vikki ticked off at her. She appreciates Nick’s understanding. Both stand – should we head back to the office.

Instead, Nick and Sally tumble into her suite attached at the lips. Let the lust begin.

Nate drops by Vikki’s office with a proposal he thinks will be of great interest to her.

Sally and Nick are gasping for air. This ‘attraction’ – they never thought in a million, billion, trillion years…. This is unexpected and surprising. Sally suggests room service, showers – then back to work.

On the CL’s patio, Lily’s upset that Nate feels his only option is to quit. He’s not blameless- but yes, she hold Devon responsible. You’re being unfair to him. Lily does NOT want tolose Nate. Is it hard for you to give up control? We can work it out. Is it deeper than that? Are you subconsciously punishing him for what happened with Elena?

Telling Vikki that Jill wants to take CW public, Nate offers to be her inside man so she can make her move; gain majority control of the company.

Devon’s nota vindictive person – he’s not punishing Nate because of Elena. He knows what’s best because he’s experienced. Sometimes people have to make their own mistakes, Lily points out. I need to let Nate fail? Lily nods.

Vikki’s stunned that Nate came to her with this – why would you want to help Newman get CW shares? Nate wants to be put in control of the company. You’d do that your own family? Vikki doesn’t seem to approve.

Now dressed, Nick finds both phones under the bed. He reads Vikki’s text (that Adam’s looking for Sally) She reads a similar text from Chloe. Assuming room service is finally here, Sally yanks open the door. All three look at one another.

Next Week: You’re sleeping with my brother, Adam states the obvious to Sally….. On bended knee. Kyle proposes…. Deacon’s thought a lot about Nikki over the years- all the things they went through. One more thing – you look good.