Friday, September 16th, 2022

Sally’s surprised to find Adam at her door. He’s surprised too – why is my brother in your suite? Nick doesn’t think that’s any of Adam’s business.

Busy planning the surprise wedding, Kyle shares his ideas with Traci. He’d like the opinion of ‘the queen of romance’. To be completely honest, Traci thinks keeping Summer in the dark is a huge mistake.

Traci lists reasons why Summer and Kyle should be planning the wedding TOGETHER. When Summer finds out …. When Summer finds out what? Summer appears to ask. After Traci escapes, Summer gives Kyle three seconds to tell her what’s going on.

At Jabot, Phyllis needles Diane and is surprised to hear she’s doing the press release for Marchetti Home. Diane’s unimpressed with Phyllis’ lame attacks – planting a document on her computer. Phyllis implies that she has more in store.

Phyllis didn’t plant a file on Diane’s computer – you have no idea what I’m capable of. Hearing that Diane told Kyle and Summer, Phyllis mocks her some more.

Kyle heaps praise on Summer – I would choose you every day. His flowery speech leads to a proposal on bended knee. Will you marry me again?

Sally and Nick make it clear that Adam’s not welcome. He has things to say to Sally but will wait until Nick’s gone.

Sally tells Nick that she’d like to speak to Adam, alone. I’ll be fine. After he leaves, Adam bluntly asks – are you sleeping with my brother?

Kyle explains why he wants a big wedding with their family and friends. Summer’s glad Traci talked him out of making it a surprise. Kyle informs that Nikki’s gone to see the Forresters about a dress (it would be impossible to surprise her with a Marchetti design) ~kiss~

Kyle and Summer are looking into your sabotage, Diane tells Phyllis – Kyle was so supportive and Diane has Phyllis to thank for that. After Diane leaves, Jack appears. When Phyllis again denies any wrongdoing, he says he’s glad to hear it – then marches back into his office.

Kyle goes in to see his Dad. Is everything OK? He really hopes so. In the hallway, Summer tells her Mom that she knows everything.

In Jack’s office, Kyle informs that the wedding is no longer a surprise. Hearing that Jack thought it a bad idea too, Kyle’s glad Traci was brave enough to speak up. Jack wonders why Kyle looks like his world is falling apart.

Phyllis is relieved that the thing Summer knows all about is the vow renewal (thanks to Traci convincing Kyle) Phyllis and Summer hug – we have so much planning to do.