Thursday, September 15th, 2022

Chloe brings treats as a peace offering for the way she acted yesterday. It’s not appropriate or professional for me to be scolding you. A distracted Sally agrees she should immerse herself in work but has something to take care of first.

At the office, Vikki and Nick agree that it might be a good idea to bring Nate on board. As for Sally, Vikki hopes Nick put her on notice for skipping that meeting. You didn’t let it go, did you?

Hoping Neil will change his mind, Lily wonders if he signed an NDA. Imani can’t believe that neither she or Devon are going to try smooth things over. Why are you so defensive of Nate? Devon wonders. Someone has to be, Imani replies.

When Nate awakens, Elena already has tea on his night table. She didn’t get much sleep last night but is ready to support him on his next opportunity and mending fences with his family – she also hopes that after a good night’s sleep, Nate’s reconsidering his plan. Nope – the opposite.

Elena strongly feels that Nate should move on – going forward with this plan will just cause more trouble. If not Devon, think about Lily – have you thought about how much this will hurt her? Nate would be helping Lily and Chancellor Winters. Imani’s the only one who supports him. This is my time – Nate wants to make a mark and take control. No, he won’t be talked out of it. Getting out of bed, Nate will set things in motion today.

Lily talks down to Imani – they’ll try to work things out with Nate but as the leaders of CW, it’s their responsibility to protect the intellectual property Nate’s been overseeing – as a lawyer, Imani should understand this (as Amanda does) It’s not ‘easy’ to let Nate go – what are you even getting at??

Vikki and Nick are debating Sally’s mistake. when she shows up to apologize for missing the meeting. Needing to speak to her about what they discussed yesterday, Nick asks Sally if she has time for coffee. Sally will make time.

In the park, Sally and Nick give up on small talk – neither want things to be weird at the office. Sally confides that Adam dropped by to make some … declarations – that messed with her head.

When Adam stops by the office, Chloe informs that Sally’s in a meeting with Nick. Huh – Adam doesn’t remember interacting with NE’s executives. If you’re insinuating that they don’t trust out leadership, just say it, Chloe challenges.

Lily’s sorry she snapped at Imani. For the record, she hasn’t given up on Nate. This has spiralled out of control at the worst time. Agreeing to look into Nate’s contract, Imani thanks Lily and Devon for not giving up on Nate. After she leaves, both agree that Imani has a thing for Nate. Lily and Devon then bicker about taking the company public. Devon knows Lily and Jill are onboard – he’s on his own.

Chloe’s pissed that Sally missed a meeting because she was with Adam – but even more upset to hear that he was with her last night. Adam doesn’t need this abuse from Chloe and my personal life is none of your business. He only has Sally’s best interest at heart. After he leaves, Chloe texts Sally to say that Adam’s looking for her – avoid him, this has to end.