Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

At CL’s, Sally thanks Chloe for working late tonight. Asking how her meeting with Nick went, Chloe adds that he sings her praises – he can’t seem to get enough of you. Sally has something to tell her friend – it’s about Nick, but not about business.

Your ex can do whatever the hell she wants, including having a business dinner with her boss, Nick growls. Adam doubts he and Sally were talking profit margins – you couldn’t wait to make your move. She’s using you to get back at me for breaking her heart. Adam notes that Nick’s not denying that he slept with Sally.

Kyle welcomes Summer home – he has a surprise for her in the bedroom.

Nate comes back from taking a walk to find Elena packing a bag. Yes, she still thinks they need to spend some time apart. She’s booked a room at TGP. For how long? Nate wants to work this out here – in our home. Elena refuses.

Chloe needs a minute to process the fact that Sally slept with Nick – twice. He’s honest, charming, funny (and the sex is great, she implies) He’s a good guy but Chloe knows Sally’s not over Adam; he won’t handle it ‘gracefully’.

Nick’s not afraid of Adam – let this go, focus on your new job with Jack. We’re finished here. Adam won’t crawl out with his tail between his legs – I’m just getting started.

Elena doesn’t recognize Nate anymore. The man who used to help people is now greedy for power. Yes, Nate wants to make his mark and be the leader CW deserves. If Elena’s love and support is too much to ask, he agrees that a separation is for the best.

Eyes closed, Summer perches on the bed. Kyle gives her a kiss and plops a straw hat on her head – which she can wear on their honeymoon in Costa Rica!

Adam wants to know what’s going on between the woman he loves and his brother. Cue the violins, poor Adam, always the victim, Nick scoffs – not everything’s about you. Vikki walks in to ask what the hell’s going on.

There’s nothing to react to, Nick and I are not a thing, Sally insists. Asked where her heart is, she can’t let Adam break her heart again. OK, but Chloe wasn’t asking about Adam, she was asking about Nick.

Elena comes down with a suitcase – I have everything, for now. It’s not like it’s forever, right? Nate hopes. I love you, Elena pauses at the door. I wish … Yeah, me too (but Nate doesn’t say ‘I love you’ back)

After some talk about how wonderful Costa Rica will be, Kyle and Summer decide to start the honeymoon early.

Adam’s leaving now – he’s sure Nick will tell Vikki all about Sally. After he leaves, Vikki wants to know what that was about. It IS her business – ‘you and Adam just made it my business’.

While Elena wheels her suitcase into her new home and sits on the bed to cry, Nate pours hmself a drink and glances at framed photos of him and Elena smiling in happier times.