Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

Running into Chelsea at CL’s, Adam asks her to rethink his offer of a family getaway, just the three of us.

Vikki’s at CW updating Billy that Chelsea came to her office. Really? Billy’s annoyed to hear that she was so pushy again.

A wrapped gift in her arms, Diane rereads the text (I’m in GC and need to see you ASAP) then rings Jack’s doorbell. Her timing’s fine, he just poured himself a drink. Diane brought a new dump-truck because Harrison broke his today. Jack wastes little time bringing up the gift basket for Phyllis. He’s surprised that Diane’s so stressed. Reading another text (where are you? I’m waiting) she admits that the gift was an excuse to come over. Pour me some ‘liquid courage’ and I might tell you why.

Taking a seat, Adam knows something’s bothering Chelsea. Let’s talk about it over dinner. He’d consider it a favour; we’ll only talk about Connor, he promises. OK- for the sake of our son, she grumbles.

Over drinks at Society, Sally admits that she’s impulsive; takes on new challenges without thinking them through and has a hard time holding back when inspired. Nick’s the opposite – he overthinks things. We make a good team and can inspire each other, but Sally still wants to stick to shop-talk.

Sally’s curious about Nick’s past. Yes, his professional past, since we agreed to keep this dinner business. Re; New Hope, Nick left it in capable hands and is still on the board. He needed a change and is happy where he is. Coming back to Newman has been invigorating. No one’s more surprised than I am, he gazes intently at Sally.

Diane feels like she’s walking on eggshells and needs Jack to be honest – needs to hear him say that he believes that she’s changed and that you forgive me. Jack thinks it enough that she was given a clean slate; he does wonder about what Phyllis implied; that something in LA could be your undoing.

Meanwhile, at CW, Vikki and Billy both hate seeing Johnny in pain. Maybe family counseling, he suggests – and in the spirit of keeping the lines of communication open, Billy has something to tell Vikki.

Deciding to order bread pudding with bourbon sauce – two spoons, for dessert, it’s Nick’s turn to ask Sally a question. Alas, Adam and Chelsea’s arrival interrupts. After polite but awkward greetings, Sally tells Nick that Adam knows, or at least suspects. No, she doesn’t want to leave.

Sally invites Nick to ask her anything. I’m an open book. As Adam watches, Nick again asks Sally if she wants to leave. No, it’s fine – Sally’s moved on. You sure about that? Nick persists. It’s complicated and confusing, she admits.

Adam gripes about Sally not wasting any time cozying up to the boss. Chelsea couldn’t care less but won’t say what’s wrong; she only wants to talk about Connor. You’re one helluva Mom, Adam gushes. Johnny knows I’m his biological Mother, she confides.