Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022

Nick, Sharon, Mariah and Tessa are at CL’s prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. Vikki and Johnny arrive to help – but when Chelsea and Connor have the same idea, things get awkward.

For some reason, Nick and Victor are spending time at Society before the family dinner. Abby doesn’t want to get into the details of her problems with Chance so excuses herself when she sees Devon arrive.

Phyllis screeches with joy when Daniel walks into the Glam Club. She couldn’t be happier with his surprise appearance. ~hug~ My baby boy, she repeats.

Traci admires her elaborately set Thanksgiving table. In the living room with Jack, Ally’s thrilled to be sharing this day. When Kyle leads his Mother in, Summer and Ashley’s smile vanishes.

Devon tells Abby that he’s meeting Tucker for dinner. She’s glad – his fave calms her. Things are over with Chance – he only visits Dom when I’m not there.

Chance is a good man, Victor continues to wonder what’s going on.

Vikki’s stunned to hear that Chelsea’s living upstairs. Sharon delegates tasks – sending the boys out to the patio to decorate.

Vikki questions Nick about Chelsea living upstairs. It seems to her like there’s more than ‘the holiday spirit’ going on.

On the patio, Connor asks Johnny not to say anything mean to his Mom – she’s depressed and trying hard to act normal. I was a jerk to her, Johnny feels bad. Connor felt the same way. Both doubt Chelsea’s depression had nothing to do with them.

Lily’s a bit standoffish towards Vikki when she arrives with Billy – and wastes no excusing herself to join Chelsea. She has some things she wants to say.

Phyllis takes a selfie with Daniel. Last year sucked, she admits – her kids left her all alone. She wants to go to that place in Burlington – go have fun, maybe meet up with Summer after she does her thing with the Abbotts.

Devon greets Victor and Nikki. At the door, Abby tells them that she’s skipping the family meal tonight. We understand, Nikki gives her a hug – Happy Thanksgiving. Opening the door for them, Tucker hopes the info he passed on about Diane was useful. Victor thinks they should both leave town. I’m watching you, he warns.

After Ashley grabs the bottle from Diane’s hand and stomps off, Jack reassures her – Ashley’s been asked to dial back the antagonism. The tone is immediately lifted when Harrison appears with his crafts.

Chelsea appreciates Lily’s support. But, when she adds that Billy truly saved her life, Lily’s smile fades just a bit.

Johnny tells his parents that he really hurt Chelsea and feels bad about it. Is it OK if I talk to her? If you think it’s important (Vikki clearly doesn’t) She then scolds Billy – why am I only now hearing this from my son?