Monday, November 21st, 2022

At Society, Daniel tells Lily that Heather’s in Portugal with Lucy. You must miss them. You have no idea.

Billy joins Chelsea at CL’s for an update on her talk with Connor. Adam’s presence must have made it worse, he assumes.

At the Glam Club, Adam now realizes that he pushed Sally into Nick’s arms. We belong together – marry me. It’s not the booze talking. It’s what we both want.

Ashley’s annoyed when Diane walks into the house without knocking. Of course you’re looking for Kyle – he’s your only ally.

Tucker lets Jack into his suite – you seem worked up. Whatever you’re planning, it won’t work, Jack warns.

* Apologies. I’m on vacation in Orlando and the internet has gone out. Heading off to a Walmart parking lot to upload this.

** It’s working. If you see a lady sitting outside of an Orlando Walmart on her laptop, it’s me 🙂

Though Tucker claims he’s there for Ashley, Jack believes he’s there for Jabot. And since you can’t have both, you’re using my sister to come after my company. Tucker pours himself another drink – you’re not seeing the big picture like I am.

Ashley and Diane are going at it still. Jack believes me – he sees how unfair the three of you are being to me (Ashley being the most devious) His goodwill towards you is waning – the lies are boring. Poor Kyle just wanted a nice Mom. It’s sad. They then debate which of them should be scared of Jeremy Stark.

Chelsea tells Billy that Adam was helpful and Connor took her news well. Billy’s proud of her for sticking to her guns and having the tough conversation.

Adam doesn’t want to waste another second – our connection can’t be broken. When Sally tries to leave, he grabs her arm. Get your hand off her – now! Nick strides over to growl.

Escorted back to her suite, Sally tells Nick that Adam putting his hands on her isn’t the most outrageous thing he did – he proposed. Why would he do that? He can’t stand seeing us together. Leaving, Nick will be thinking about Sally and she’ll be thinking about him. Wrong.