Friday, November 25th, 2022

Diane’s not exaggerating about how dangerous Jeremy Stark is. Ashley’s hatred for me has clouded her judgment. She’d be risking the family and business by reaching out to that man. Jack puts on his concerned face.

Back at Society, Tucker claims that his focus has shifted to Devon (who’s now running CW all by himself) Ashley doubts that – Lily’s quite capable. Warning him not to come after Jabot, she reminds Tucker that Diane’s HIS enemy too.

Lily feels like Billy’s slipping away. It felt so natural, so right. But, now that the working relationship’s gone, she doesn’t feel part of his life. When Daniel arrives, both are eager to hear about his big idea.

Brushing over Billy leaving the company, Lily invites Daniel to pitch his idea; a mega-universe gaming platform. CW doesn’t have a gaming division but ChanceCom did before being sold to Newman. Yes, and that platform had 20 million users. Daniel projects 50 million users; he’s talking games not only for entertainment but self-improvement. Together, we can make this happen.

Because Ashley doesn’t listen to him, Jack thinks they should tell Kyle everything, including Tucker’s demand that Diane feed him info on Jabot. OK, but Diane wants to tell him herself – this is about her commitment to her son and grandson. She can’t put self-preservation above them – I’ll never abandon my family again, she vows.

Diane’s weak; Tucker’s sure Ashley and cohorts can send her packing. Jack may buy her story that Tucker asked for info on Jabot but Ashley doesn’t think he’d be foolish enough to come after her company. No way in hell she’d let that happen. No way, Tucker agrees. You’re starting that I’m sincere; shockingly close to giving me a second chance, he smirks in what he imagines to be a charming way.

His proposal deemed interesting but a huge undertaking, Daniel’s ‘passion project’ includes traveling through a mystical landscape searching for a mythical princess modeled after his own daughter. Parents will spend extra for the educational component; 50 million daily players is doable. He gets misty-eyed when talking about Lucy.

Alone at Society, Tucker’s on the phone – things are coming to a head here. It’s time we make our move.

‘She just walked out’, Phyllis is aghast. Blamed for coming on too strong, she implores Nikki not to give up. We need to take more drastic measures.

In tears over the pain she’s caused Kyle, Diane vows that nothing will keep her from him or Harrison. Protecting them is Jack’s priority too but someone has to protect you. Thanking him for standing up for her, Diane’s crying on Jack’s shoulder when Ashley comes in.

Daniel wraps up the meeting by expressing how excited he is about working with Lily and Devon. They can’t wait to hear more about this universe he’s created. Great pitch, they’re left to agree. Did he seem like himself to you? Lily briefly wonders. Yeah, Devon thinks he’s just passionate and emotionally invested in his project.

Though Nikki has concerns, Phyllis decides it’s time they contacted Jeremy Stark; Diane’s ex who was released from prison yesterday.

Thanking Jack for his support, Diane wisely thinks it time to leave. How in the world did you become so irrational when it comes to that woman!? Ashley barks. Jack could say the same thing – since when did Tucker’s word become gospel?? My family’s in danger, he glares. The danger is coming to Diane – again, Ashley’s given an ultimatum; going to war against Diane is going to war against me, is that what you want!?

My Thoughts: Of course Lily’s not going to judge Devon for cheating (she cheated on Cane) … Great pitch? Daniel didn’t even have a mockup of his game to show Lily and Devon. In fact, he only pulled out his tablet to email them some numbers (hopefully how he projects increasing 20 million users to 50!) How could players travelling through a ‘mystical landscape’ in search of a missing Princess ‘conquer self-doubt’? Odd that Daniel credits his daughter with turning him on to gaming when his Mom’s an avid gamer. Oh, and a computer genius by the way… Former ‘starving artist’ Daniel keeps mentioning making money – like he’s forgotten Devon’s a billionaire …. Kudos to Phyllis for maintaining a straight face when calling Diane a ‘master manipulator’ and ‘criminal’. Pot meet kettle … Cute how Daniel and Lily’s reminiscing left out his addiction to porn and him orchestrating her kidnapping/drugging (so that Kevin could play hero by rescuing her)