Monday, November 28th, 2022

Folding laundry in her apartment, Chelsea’s unnerved to hear Billy’s voice in her head. I don’t mean to be harsh but you’re overstepping.

At CL’s Victor glares down at Chance – what did you do to my daughter?

In Sally’s old office, Nick has nothing against Nate really but if he had his way she’d still be NM’s CEO.

In Sally’s suite, Chloe’s excited to think of what they and Nick’s money can do. She’s stunned to hear that Sally declined the loan.

Chelsea’s having a full-blown panic attack when Billy lets himself into the apartment. Why won’t these painful thoughts go away?

No longer wanting to design, Sally hopes Chloe will be her partner in a whole new venture.

After praising Sally’s work, Nate points out that he didn’t come looking for this job. You were willing to sacrifice your family’s legacy to help my sister – and yourself, Nick’s still salty.

Dropping Dom off at Devon’s, Abby addresses the weirdness between them. We should talk about ‘us’, Devon decides.

Billy’s no therapist – but does a good job of sounding like one. It won’t be easy to get past this depression. Try not to let it take your power. Push through the pain and fear. That’s easier said and done, Chelsea leaves him sitting on the couch.

Since neither Abby nor Chance will tell him what’s going on, Victor threatens to go to Devon (who Abby greeted rather warmly last night)

Nate looks forward to proving he’s still a good man. Nick hopes so – power isn’t as satisfying as you’d think. You always want more.