Friday, November 25th, 2022

Greeting Daniel with an enthusiastic hug (at CL’s) Summer’s surprised to hear that he has a meeting with the CW team – he’s thinking of a career change.

Returning Devon’s pie plate, Lily prods him for info on his split with Amanda and is stunned to hear that he slept with Abby.

Nikki and Phyllis meet with Talia at the Glam Club. There’s a new twist in the Diane Jenkins saga.

Dropping by the house, Diane’s told that Kyle and Harrison aren’t there. She hopes he doesn’t blame her for Ashley’s abrupt departure yesterday.

Ashley arrives at Society for compliments and a rose. Impressed with neither, she assumes Tucker knows why she wanted to meet him.

No, it wasn’t an affair. It only happened once but Amanda walked in on them (with Chance) Poor Amanda, Lily’s not judging (but now realizes why she left so abruptly and why Devon’s been so miserable)

Jack doesn’t blame Diane for Ashley leaving in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner; she’ll never accept you as an Abbott. Interrupting Diane’s rant, he believes non-engagement to be the best defense, or is that out of your skillset?

Outraged that Diane had the nerve to join the Abbotts for Thanksgiving, Ashley’s ‘lowering the boom on her’. Tucker feels that he’s given her ample ammunition – but his involvement ends here.

Updated that Diane likely cut a deal with the feds to send Jeremy Stark to prison (while evading imprisonment herself) Talia balks at risking her journalistic integrity by running a story without proof. Frankly, she doesn’t like the way they’re taking things.

Daniel thinks his idea could be big. If it doesn’t pan out, Summer would love her brother to work at Marchetti.

Diane’s a criminal who needs to be stopped, Phyllis and Nikki persist. Enough’s enough; Talia won’t publish hearsay. Unless you have something solid, please don’t contact me again, she leaves the ladies to look flabbergasted.

Devon hates that he hurt Amanda and ruined a marriage. Lily sighs – she feels like she’s also losing her grip on a relationship (with Billy)

Ashley can’t believe that Tucker’s abandoning her when she needs him the most. You and your merry band of co-conspirators can handle this Diane business without me. Whatever happened to ‘your goals are my goals’? Tucker’s goals have shifted a bit. Uh oh – what are you after? Ashley wonders.

Diane would hate for things to get ugly for Jack and Kyle – but this isn’t her doing. She tried to warn Ashley and Tucker not to provoke Jeremy (a monster no one can control)