Thursday, December 1st, 2022

Tucker’s just ended his call with Devon when Diane marches onto the CL’s patio to announce that she’s not going anywhere. With Jack and Devon on her side, she’s not afraid of Stark. Tucker warns that they have no idea what they’re in for.

Using a burner phone, Phyllis told Stark that it was Diane who worked with the feds to put him away. I don’t tell you how to make perfume, she snarkily tells Ashley. She and Nikki do not approve of Phyllis’ dangerous move.

Nick knocks on Sally’s door – it’s me. He’s puzzled when getting no reply.

Sally’s still at Society, frustrated by her ‘work’ and when Adam stops by. No, I’m not fine, she admits.

When Adam sits down, Sally yet again lectures him for torturing her. by messing with her head. Adam swears that his proposal was since. She can’t shake the way he makes her feel. What are you smiling about? Adam’s now sure that Sally agrees – we should be together.

Tucker warns Diane that there will be consequences for agreeing to a deal she never planned to live up to. Diane won’t run. Even if if means putting those you claim to love at risk?

Phyllis relays her chat with Jeremy Stark (who seemed quite nice by the way) She told him that Diane is right here in GC. Told that Nikki and Ashley had just decided it was a bad idea, Phyllis says it’s a bit to late for that.

Phyllis loudly reminds that despite their best efforts, Diane is still in town – getting her hooks into the entire Abbott family. She’s controlling the narrative! We don’t even know if Diane helped put Stark away, Nikki reminds. We’ll know soon enough, Phyllis is sure Stark’s on his way.

Back on the patio, Tucker thinks it selfish of Diane to put her loved ones at risk. I’m becoming a fixture in the Abbott world – I can be your ally or enemy. When Devon arrives to take Tucker to meet his grandson, she makes a pointed remark then is left to text with Jack. It’s arranged that she’ll meet him at the house later.

Sally decides that this has to be resolved one way or another. Let’s do this, she tells Adam.

Brought back to Sally’s suite, Adam’s already said his piece – it’s your turn to talk.

At Society, Nick gives his Dad a report and objects to his Father referring to Sally as ‘that Spectra woman’. After he’s done singing Sally’s praises, Victor smirks – that warms the cockles of my heart. He’s also not impressed with the ‘triangular’ relationship Nick’s in.

This is your grandfather. At the penthouse, Devon introduces Dom to Tucker. He’s moved to tears – and wishes he knew Devon as a child.

Ashley finally gets a word in – Stark might come after us. Nikki will have Victor increase security for all of them. When Diane shows up at the house, she’s not surprised to find the whole ‘coven’.

Diane thanks the trio for bringing her even closer to those she loved then boasts that Jack’s taking her for dinner. I’ll just sit and wait for him. Nikki and Ashley leave, Enjoy yourself, Phyllis leans in to hiss before leaving with her coven.

Victor thinks Nick should know better. That woman is using you to advance her own goals.

Sally could tell that Adam was telling the truth to him – that he meant what he said, that she mattered to him. Adam knows that look – we’re close to getting back what we had – and more.

As Dom plays with his toys, Tucker gushes about how bright he is. Devon tells him what foods he likes and hates. He’s never cranky, loves to dance. They pause to mention Katherine. Tucker then hints that Devon’s close to Abby. Are you in love?

Victor has a dossier on Sally – she faked terminal interest, blackmailed a doctor. Nick knows she’s done some things but she’s changed. She wouldn’t even accept a business loan.

Sally still feels love for Adam – how could I not? But what he did was so hurtful and hard to forgive. Adam’s sorry – I was an idiot. We can finally get it right, I know it.

Adam doesn’t deserve Sally, Nick’s adament. Victor warns Nick that if he chooses that woman over family, he’ll live to regret it.

Adam wants to marry Sally – only you. I want you too, she says in tears. They kiss.

Devon avoids questions Tucker asks about the lawyer he’s involved with. Snack time! I’m here for you, whatever you need – like I wish I’d been for your Dad, Tucker’s still on the floor with Dom (but his words are for Devon too)

Diane opens the Abbott front door. Jeremy, she’s stunned. Hello Diane – miss me? she smiles.