Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

Alone in her apartment, Chelsea flashes back to Lily’s subtle yet clear message that she shouldn’t rely on Billy. Putting her phone down, she resists the urge to call him back.

At CL’s, Sharon warns Adam not to compete with Billy when it comes to Chelsea. I should let him continue to play her hero? Adam balks.

Nikki drops by the Abbott house to update Ashley on the meeting she and Phyllis had with Talia. Ashley has worse news – they’ve also lost another ally, Jack.

At Jabot, Diane’s so touched to hear that Jack stood up for her (with Ashley) that she gives him an impulsive hug. Am I interrupting something? Kyle is NOT impressed.

Informed that going to war with Diane would mean going to war with Jack too, Nikki understands if Ashley wants to back away, but is relieved when Ashley vows ‘no chance in hell’ she’ll do so.

Sharon defends Billy; he’s not playing hero, he just happened to be there. This is about Chelsea – not you and Billy. You DO tend to ‘blur the lines sometimes’. And Billy doesn’t!? Adam’s astounded.

I’ll just be a minute, Billy instructs Lily to grab a table at Society; where Phyllis is having a fun meal with her kids. Asked if Billy’s coming, she forces a smile – yes, he’s just taking care of something. Daniel’s spidey senses tingle.

Outside Society, Billy’s frustrated when Chelsea doesn’t answer. She’s looking at her ringing phone when Connor comes home to announce that he got into a fight at school. Some kid called you ‘crazy’.

Diane takes Kyle into Jack’s office to explain that Tucker asked her to get info on Jabot – he’s coming after the company. But, I didn’t do it, she quickly clarifies.

Pressing Lily for gossip, Phyllis heard about Nate leaving CW to replace Sally (steer clear of her, she and Summer warn a curious Daniel) She also heard that Billy might be leaving CW. Uncomfortable, Lily forces a smile – we’re stronger than ever.

Still outside, Billy leaves a message for Chelsea. ‘Sorry for being a pest’, he tries not to sound as concerned as he obviously is.

Continuing to complain about Billy, Adam knows he’s not the only one who has a problem with ‘this dynamic’. Clearly annoyed when Sharon suggests he’s jealous, Adam heads up to talk to Chelsea.