Friday, December 30th, 2022

At CL’s, Adam’s humble when Jack praises his work at Jabot. He appreciates the opportunity. They’re discussing the McTavish deal when Start strolls in. It’s a guy from Diane’s past.

Back at the house, Diane assures Kyle and Summer that she’s convinced Jeremy that she wants to be with him. On cue, she receives a text – Jeremy wants to meet with me now.

Chloe’s sorry she wasn’t able to come back last night with a pregnancy test – but here it is now. Sally’s in the bathroom taking the test when Chloe opens the door for Nick. He guesses they both want to see how she’s feeling.

Sharon’s happy to meet Mariah and Tessa at Society (even though it’s where she married Rey) She wants to embrace her memories, not run from them.

Jack’s protective of Diane because she’s Kyle’s Mom and Harrison’s grandmother. How did she earn your forgiveness? Adam asks. Jack explains why he was able to forgive Diane but not Phyllis.

Diane sends a text to Jeremy saying she’ll meet him – then to Jack. On her way out, she runs into Phyllis. You’re back – did you even leave? A confused Phyllis is left to ask Kyle and Summer ‘what’s going on’?

Sharon and the girls reminisce about Rey – he was the best. They’re expecting to hear from Delphine (the pregnant woman) but no word yet.

She’ll be out in a minute, Chloe says loudly and when Sally comes out to report that she’s fully recovered, Nick’s sent packing. Both open the bathroom door to look at the test – all we can do is wait.

It’s not my business that you lied to me and everyone in town? Phyllis is hurt. Summer asked why she’s there.

Sending Adam on is way, Jack meets Stark on the patio. It’s taking him a bit longer to get the other half of the payment due to it being the holidays. Jeremy’s no longer interested in Jack’s offer anyway. What changed?! Jack scowls. I changed, Diane appears to announce – I came back for him (Jeremy)

At the office, Victor tells Nick that his sister and Mother are at a breakfast meeting. Nick apologizes for losing his temper. Victor’s sorry he didn’t tell him about the dossier on Sally. Being a Father ain’t easy – Victor doesn’t want to be at odds with Nick the way he is with Adam.

When did you get back?! Jack pretends to be outraged. Diane tells him not to worry about Jeremy. She feels it’s time we reconnect, Jeremy gloats. When Jack objects, Diane orders him to stay out of it.

Phyllis didn’t like the way they left things and has come to terms with why she was fired. I totally understand. Summer’s relieved – space will be healthier for all of us. It wasn’t just me, Phyllis lets Kyle know that his Mom matched her hostility. She felt good about leaving Marchetti until walking in this room, just now.

Seeing Diane here, knowing you hid her is a punch to the guy, Phyllis goes into offensive mode. Jeremy would have found her anyway. Diane’s still playing the victim and putting everyone in danger. Again near tears, Phyllis didn’t see Harrison open any of the gifts she got him. Did you spend Christmas with Diane? (silence)

Did you threaten her?! Jack shouts at Jeremy – who finally stands to say that Diane’s none of his concern. I wash my hands of you (Diane) and you stay away from my son and grandson (Jeremy) With that, Jack storms out.

Nick just wants his Dad to say out of his life, let me make my own mistakes. I’m your Father, I can’t stop caring about you, Victoria, Abby or Adam.

When it’s time to check the test, Sally comes out of the bathroom with the stick and an anguished face.

Mariah and Tessa will keep trying no matter what. The sonogram Delphine sent gave them hope – she’s beautiful. When Nick arrives at Society, he’s easily persuaded to join three of his favourite ladies. Sally’s better, he had a good talk with his Dad – the year’s going well so far.

Victor’s tracked Adam down at Jabot to talk about Connor – he and Nikki want him at the ranch for lots of visits. Adam will talk to Chelsea. Are you trying to rekindle things with her since you and Sally are no longer an item?

Jeremy declares the performance very convincing – but he’ll need more proof that she’s on his side. What more can I do for you? Caressing her cheek, Jeremy wants to put her to the test.

Summer wants to work things out – I love you so much. Look at this, the icing on the cake, Phyllis remarks when Jack and Diane return. You’re gonna regret this, I guarantee it, Phyllis leaves. Jack asks what they interrupted. Kyle would rather hear how things went with them. Jeremy wants to give me a loyalty test – this is how we’ll turn the tables on him, Diane explains. Summer looks salty.

Victor came to ask Adam if he and Nikki could continue to see Connor every so often. He really wishes neither of his boys had gotten involved with Sally Spectra – have a nice day.

Nick’s sure Mariah and Tessa will be the best Mothers ever. On cue, Delphine sends a text. She wants to meet tomorrow. This could be our baby, they hug as Nick and Sharon smile.

The test says I’m pregnant, Sally’s in shock. Chloe invites her to talk whenever she’s ready. You can go, I’m alright, Sally’s not convinced – the tests can be unreliable. Yes, she’s sure she wants to be alone. After Chloe leaves, Sally throws the test in the trash bin.

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve! See you in 2023!