Monday, January 2nd, 2023

On the CL’s patio, Danny expressed how proud he is of the man and Father Daniel’s become. Promise me you won’t bottle up your feelings when it comes to family (again) – I’m always there for you. This isn’t goodbye; see you soon (he’s working on the music for Daniel’s afterall) I love you. I love you too Dad ~hug~ Danny’s left to sigh.

Inside, Tessa and Mariah tell Sharon how excited they are to be flying out to meet Delphine, to show her they’re the best pick to adopt her baby. This meeting tomorrow could change our lives.

Danny’s thinking of calling ‘Cricket’ when she appears on the patio – mildly surprised to see him.

At Newman Media, Vikki’s clearly annoyed that Nick skipped their meeting. Nate knows he wanted Sally to keep her job. Is my being here causing conflict between you two? – Is there anything I can do to help?

At Society, Lily chats with Nick about her ‘low key’ holidays and understandably isn’t happy with the way Nate left CW for Newman Media. Nick knows how hard it is working with people who push your buttons and apologizes on behalf of Newman Enterprises.

Billy’s at Chelsea’s to ask how Connor’s project went at school. He’s not home yet and she suspects that’s not the real reason he came over.

Chris knew Danny was in town but didn’t know they’d cross paths. He was just about to call her – to at least say ‘hello’ before leaving (today) There to meet Mariah and Tessa, Chris knows they’ll be amazing parents. Sharon will be a great grandmother, Danny agrees to stick around to talk to Chris after her meeting.

Lily knows Nick had no part in what went down with Nate. A lot of people she thought she could count on have let her down. Are we talking about Nate, or Billy? Nick asks.

Billy really does want to see how Connor made out with his egg contraption. Chelsea knows something’s wrong because he came to CL’s alone on New Year’s Eve. Our friendship isn’t one-sided, she wants to help.

Vikki assures Nate that she and Nick love and respect one another and despite not seeing eye to eye on everything, they’ll always have one another’s back. Suspecting that something else is bothering Vikki, Nate offers to go get coffee; we can talk about it. Vikki would like that.