Thursday, March 30th, 2023

All are shocked when Jeremy claims that he and Phyllis married a few days ago – she turned to him because everyone was so mean to her.

A distraught Amanda is consoled by Lily – who’s warned not to trust Devon. Lily has faith in her brother.

Ashley’s not taking Tucker’s proposal seriously. He has no intention of giving up. They go over what each has done for the other. Ashley is tempted to steal the thunder of Jack and Diane’s announcement. Now, when will Tucker get Devon to take over McCall?

Devon comes back to the penthouse to tell Abby that Nina blasted him, Phyllis passed out and Jack and Diane announced their engagement. Also, reminiscing about Neil, he and Lily made amends – he’s dropping the lawsuit. Perhaps Abby would like to move in?

Chance suspects he was sent on a gooschase to keep him from the gala. Jeremy tells him that Diane threatened to strangle Phyllis. Diane tells him how Phyllis lured her into a suite. Jack stands by his fiance’s side. .

Leanna Love may finally have the story she’s been after all night.

Audra wants Tucker to find JT Hellstrum.

Summer’s understandably upset to hear that her Mother’s ambulance never arrived at Memorial