Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Though surprised to find Tucker at the front door, Ashley was indeed serious in her offer – as long as you behave? You want me to behave? he flirts with a kiss.

Lauren’s brought Mike to the jazz lounge specifically to ask him how he could possibly defend the woman who murdered their best friend. She’s livid and can’t hold it in anymore.

Jack’s happy to find Billy working behind his desk. He just came from asking Diane to marry him right away. What did she say? Billy wonders.

It’s dark by the time Daniel returns to the park to check on Summer. Mom!? she’s startled. Did you see her too?

With no guarantees, Ashley doesn’t want to talk about Jack’s reaction before showing Tucker around his new home. These are the stairs. Huh, they go up? Yes, and down.

Chris and Chance believe that Diane murdered Phyllis – and so does Lauren. Why did you change your mind on representing her? Your ego? Showing the Newmans that you can make your own decisions? You knew how I’d react and you did it anyway, she shakes in fury.

Billy understands why Diane couldn’t give Jack an answer – this isn’t something you can outrun. You haven’t even begun to mourn losing Phyllis.

Daniel sees Mom too – I see her all the time. I have questions. This was real, Summer insists – what if I have answers to those questions?

Gently speaking like a therapist, Billy gets past Jack’s annoyance to get him to admit that he probably hasn’t mourned the loss of someone he shared a deep, rich history with.

Mom’s not dead, Summer knows it sounds crazy – everything isn’t as it seems. What if it was all part of Jeremy’s scheme? He forced her to frame Diane for murder. She was trapped. Then, why wouldn’t Mom come home? Because she murdered Stark. We have to do something – we can’t her slip away forever, Summer has Daniel looking worried.

Everybody deserves an attorney who ensures that the system works fairly for everyone. Yes, but Phyllis, the victim, was OUR best friend. If her killer (Diane) goes free, Lauren may never be able to look at Mike again.

Daniel knows how hard it is to let you – he’ll be there for his sister. You think I’m out of my mind? Summer persists. You won’t even consider that I’m telling the truth? When she shouts ‘Mom!’ over the railings a few times, Daniel hugs her tightly from behind to coo ‘It’s OK’.