Friday, April 28th, 2023

Oh, how sweet. Tucker’s made Ashley a breakfast tray, complete with a single red rose. Alas, she’s heading off to work as he’s about to deliver it. With an awkward kiss, she all but shoves the tray into his chest. Breakfast? Tucker’s left to chirp brightly at Jack when he appears.

Nate gives his Elena-screensaver a guilty glance before texting Vikki to say that he found a table downstairs. On my way, she replies before admiring her perfectly coiffed reflection in a full length mirror.

Meeting Audra at CL’s, Elena is indeed in a good mood. The reason? Things are going well for her and Nate.

Elena gushes about Nate being full of surprises and the dream vacation they’ll go on together when he comes back from LA. He really throws himself into his work. He certainly does, Audra then drops the bomb that Vikki went with him.

You look ready for action, Nate stands politely when Vikki joins him for breakfast and to go over their itinerary. Both want to nail this deal (and each other by the look of it)

Listing all the family’s going through, Jack makes it clear to Tucker that he’s not welcome. Ashley only invited you to make my life hell. Not everything’s about you, Tucker wants a future with Ashley.

Ashley’s glad to find someone working at Jabot – but, unlike Billy, she won’t cut Jack any slack. The media’s all over this story and the trial hasn’t even started yet. She fears the Jack and Diane Show will tank the company.

Diane’s changed, you haven’t, Jack scoffs at Tucker finding his soul in an ashram. He’ll get coffee on his way to work. For what it’s worth, Tucker’s truly sorry for what Diane’s going through. For what it’s worth, Jack doesn’t care what Tucker thinks – and if he hurts Ashley, there’ll be hell to pay!

Back in Jack’s office, Ashley continues to whine to Billy about Jack and Diane (under the guise of how it will affect Jabot)

Audra tattles all to Elena. No, Vikki didn’t join the trip last minute. Nate wanted her to teach him a few things in LA (but can only imagine what things she’ll teach him) I can’t believe he lied to your face – what an ass! She finally shuts up after Elena’s second calm, hushed request.

Billy rejects the idea of having the board remove Jack as CEO. This is about more than business, he questions Ashley’s motive.

Tucker’s just as determined to prove himself to Jack as he is to Ashley. Though Jack’s annoyed with his sister, he’ll always love and protect her. Tucker feels exactly the same way. See? We’ve bonded. Without further word, Jack slams out the front door.