Tuesday, June 20th, 2023

Sharon’s giving Faith a pep talk on the patio when Chance drops by. He’s surprised they didn’t take at least the day off. Thanking him for saving their lives, Faith goes to get Chance some scones – leaving him to ask Sharon how she’s really doing.

Looking devastated, Adam quietly slips into Sally’s room, then leaves since she appears to be sleeping. Sally opens her eyes after he leaves.

Nikki arrives at the office to give Vikki a hug and news – that animal tried to make Nick decide between Sharon and Faith’s life. That’s even more reason Nick should take time off work, Vikki thinks. Nikki disagrees – oh, and Sally lost the baby.

Sally tells Nick that she pretended to be sleeping when Adam came by earlier – he let our baby die. Adam lost his child too, Nick gently points out.

Of course, Vikki’s acting out of sisterly concern. If that’s the case, Nikki feels Nick should be given the choice of whether he takes time off.

Sally doesn’t appreciate Nick defending his brother – Adam lost his baby because he chose to let her die.

Nick explains that Cameron tried to make him choose between Sharon and Faith. He can’t fault Adam’s decision. Sally still feels he made the wrong choice.

Chance knows that Cameron didn’t plan to leave the tunnel alive and would have taken them all with him if he could. He credits Sharon with saving lives. Adam arrives to blast Chance – where the hell were you when Sharon and Faith needed you?!

How many clues did you miss? Cameron was staying at the club – what a clever hideout, Adam’s sarcastic. That’s enough, Sharon says that Chance was a hero yesterday. Faith comes out to say that both men are heroes for saving her life. Sharon follows Adam inside – she’s sorry about the baby. He wonders how she can be so kind to him after he made her think she’d lost her baby (Faith).

If you care about Nick’s best interest, Nikki insists Vikki let HIM decide. With ‘perfect timing’ Nate arrives with ideas to run by Vikki. For Newman Media of course, he’d never overstep with ideas for the parent company. He doesn’t know of any ‘agenda’ Vikki has regarding Nick taking time off.