Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

Diane and Jack are on the dancefloor. Hopefully Kyle’s only staying at the club for one night, they get back to their celebratory evening. You and I are unstoppable, they twirl and laugh.

Mike’s got his clothes on by the time Lauren gets to the suite for their rendezvous. Unfortunately (for Mike) hearing that he saw Phyllis, Lauren’s only in the mood to talk about her BFF.

Summer pouts in the living room. Where could Kyle be? Getting a text from her Mom (who sees a way out after talking to Mike) Summer grumbles – this is all your fault.

In bed, Audra suspects Kyle’s trying to make a ‘smooth escape’ and makes it clear that there’s no need. Basically, it’s just sex. Kyle doesn’t want to go home (he’d rather mount Audra again)

Summoning her Dad to the Abbott house, Summer asks him about the ‘scary’ stuff that went down with Cameron. After that, Nick updates that he’s taking time off work and Sally lost the baby. Though genuinely sorry to hear it, Summer changes the subject back to herself. She messed up her marriage. Kyle asked me to move out. Nick’s sorry ~hug~ tell me everything.

Audra and Kyle are testing the bed-springs in her suite at the club. They seem to be in good working order.

There’s no romance going on in the Baldwins suite. Mike and Lauren are both sympathetic to Phyllis’s plight and hope she agrees to let Mike represent her. He’ll do his best but Phyllis will have to pay for ‘some of her crimes’. Her life will never be the same. Don’t be so sure, Lauren quips – look at Diane’s life now.

Still at the lounge, Jack makes yet another toast to his fiancee. To Diane’s resilience; he admires the way she’s handled Ashley and Phyllis. Hoping the best for Summer and Kyle, they again mention him staying upstairs. Jack’s optimistic but they may have to learn about love and forgiveness the hard way.

While, Audra and Kyle are double checking the bed-springs in her suite, Diane acknowledges that she made a lot of mistakes. But she was younger then (ha ha ha ha) She wants to be a better person for Jack. How lucky that fate brought us back together, Jack believes they’re walking into this marriage with their eyes wide open. Diane feels sorry for Ashley and Phyllis – they can’t let go of past grievances.

Kyle suggests room service but Audra basically kicks him out. She has a big day tomorrow; taking over the reins at Newman Media. Kyle appreciates her honesty and jokes (or is it?) that he feels ‘used’. Now that she’s got Kyle eating out of the palm of her hand, Audra decides that they can shower together before he leaves.

Nick can’t believe that Phyllis faked her own death. He’s grateful that she’s alive but angry at what she’s done to Summer and Daniel. Summer wants to believe her Mom and blame Stark for everything – but Nick helps her realize that what Phyllis did was wrong. Protecting Mom may have cost me my marriage, Summer mopes.