Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

Phyllis joins Tucker at Society. What’s your plan of attack? He thinks the surest way to make Diane self destruct is to win Jack and Kyle back – they’re the key.

Diane and Ashley exchange forced pleasantries at the house. Nice jeans. Nice shoes. They’re civil. Did you hear the news? Phyllis is back. She likely won’t do any time, Ashley adds – doesn’t that make your blood boil?

Jack and Kyle forgave Diane, Tucker points out. If you win them back her head will explode. Carson (via Tucker) is Phyllis’ salvation. She just needs a bit of time. But, no – under no circumstances will we involve Summer.

We’re not using Summer as a pawn – you can count on me. I won’t back down, Phyllis promises. Good, because Carson could get cold feet last minute – you really need him to testify at your trial. The statement he made to the police? Pffft. Tucker can invalidate that easily.

Phyllis is out on bail – no ankle monitor (like you had) Ashley taunts Diane. She could show up here begging Jack and Kyle to forgive her. Diane will put her faith in Chris and the justice system. Live and let live, she’ll focus on her own life. You should move on too. Ashley can’t forget about Diane – you’re everywhere. Diane’s no fan of Tucker but the poor guy really loves you – don’t take it for granted. Ashley doubts Diane will be as calm and collected when she comes face to face with Phyllis. She’s left to look disappointed when Diane doesn’t take the bait.

It might come out that Carson was bribed, Tucker warns. Phyllis reiterates – my daughter won’t play a part in this. I’ve got this – be patient. Tucker can be zen or ruthless – your call. Phyllis will take care of Diane (who then appears, much to Tucker’s delight)

At home, Ashley gets a call from Ryan (an associate/friend in NY) Jack did what!? she’s alarmed.

Tucker lays down the rules – scratching, biting, hair pulling are all legal. Diane won’t engage in a catfight. Welcome home – you looked fabulous, Diane feels she and Phyllis both fell prey to Stark. I’m ready to move on.

Billy’s at the house. He’s heard that Phyllis is out and that Kyle and Summer broke up. Why am I here? he asks Ashley.