Thursday, July 20th, 2023

At CL’s, Billy surprised Chelsea with a good luck gift for her new job at Marchetti.

Coming down from her suite, Summer confronts Audra – is Kyle a random hook up or were you after my husband and his money before I moved out?

Ignoring Victor’s text, Adam’s with Sharon when Nick arrives. Could this be the start of GC’s new power trio? she smiles.

Billy’s gift is a gold bee bracelet – they bring good luck. Chelsea gave fashion up – am I taking a step backward?

Sharon thanks Nick for convincing Adam. Dad’s growing impatient (if his text is anything to go by) Sharon’s sure it’s the right thing for all of them.

The other woman’s calling ME tacky? Summer scoffs. Audra doesn’t see herself as the other woman. She has her own money and Kyle has free will – if he wanted to be with you, he would be. Yet, here you are, alone.

Despite mild tension between Nick and Adam, the three partners are optimistic. We better lay out the plan to Victor before he yanks our business plan away from us.

Encouraged by Billy, Chelsea rattles off her ideas for Marchetti. You’re gonna crush it, he’s sure.

You’re the victim here?Walk away with your head held high – with class. Kyle and I share a son. Audra taunts Summer – you thought Kyle would always be there waiting for you – look where that got you. What’s going on here? Kyle approaches.

At the ranch, Nick and Sharon update Victor. Yes, Adam’s onboard too (though not as excited as these two) I thought I’d have full autonomy and now I’m under your thumb, Vikki’s and maybe Nick’s.

Telling Audra that her perfume’s to strong, Summer suggests Kyle might be able to get her a discount at Jabot – then leaves him to ask Audra what happened. Summer’s having a hard time – she’s still in love with you. Kyle thinks it’s too late. You sure about that? Audra asks.