Monday, July 24th, 2023

Nick arrives at Sally’s suite with flowers and a kiss to welcome her home from a visit with her sister and grandmother. And here’s another kiss for being ‘at peace’.

Dining out with Sharon, Chance won’t avoid the best restaurant in town just because his ex wife owns it – he and Abby are on good terms. When Chances asks if joining forces with Adam’s the right move, Adam appears to order him to stay out of it – this is nothing to do with you.

In the lounge, Ashley updates Tucker that the infighting has begun – Diane wants to quit, Jack won’t let her. The best part is that Jack wants to sign over his share of Jabot to her. Tucker thinks that great – away we go. Not so fast – that’s not how Ashley wants this to end.

Diane’s flashing back to the argument they had with Ashley when Jack joins her in the living room. She still wants to step down from her hew job so he doesn’t have to break up Jabot to stop Ashley.

There’s no guarantee Ashley would back off if you gave up your job, Jack reasons – and you’re no threat to Jabot. If Ashley wants a chunk of it, she can have it. Although Diane worries she’ll take her patents, it’s decided they won’t walk away from this fight.

Back at the lounge, Ashley has no intention of backing down from this fight – she won’t risk her father’s legacy for the hell of it. Tucker thinks they should just let Diane drag Jack and the company down.

Seated (presumably uninvited) with Sharon and Chance, Adam asks about their relationship. Friends have dinner, Chance thinks it none of Adam’s business. Furthermore, Sharon shouldn’t partner with him. The name Adustus says it all – you’re bitter about being under your Dad’s thumb and will weaponize this company against him. Sharon wants to give Adam the benefit of the doubt – she and Nick can keep him in line. You can try, Adam’s quip.

I’m out, Nate’s in, Nick updates Sally. He’s excited about the future (no longer talking about his new job)

Nick looks forward to doing some good with Kirsten’s company. What about Adam? Sally asks. Sharon should be able to keep us from killing each other; he looks forward to working with her again.

At the GCAC, Victor remarks that Phyllis looks damn good for a dead woman, then scolds her for what she’s done to Summer, including ending her marriage. You’ll pay for it, he warns to ominous music.