Friday, July 21st, 2023

At Jabot, Jack tells Billy and Diane what he learned in NY. Ashley and Tucker plan to take her patents from Jabot if she can show ‘just cause’. She’s building her case on Diane’s past.

Ashley and Tucker bring housewarming gifts – to celebrate Abby and Devon’s move to the estate. Tucker’s happy they’ll bring joy to his Mother’s home. Ashley’d rather not talk about Jack; Diane’s poisoned him against me. Things are falling into place for her though.

Joining Heather at the club, Phyllis is disappointed that Chris won’t drop the charges. It IS personal – she’s hated me for decades. Heather’s puzzled when Phyllis wants to put Carson into protective custody – in case someone makes him recant his testimony.

Billy’s not surprised – Ashley hates Diane (who should step down from her position) Jack won’t hear of it – we’ll win this war. Billy’s not so sure – this could bring us all down.

** Sorry. No time for proofreading.

As the men chat, Abby really wants to be happy for her Mom, but … Ashley understands but can’t so afraid of getting hurt that she won’t risk it – Tucker makes me happy. Making a touching toast, Tucker tears up.

Heather leans across the table to ask Phyllis what’s she’s getting at. Chris won’t coerce a witness into lying because she hates you. If Phyllis isn’t honest about what she’s holding back, she’ll have to find another lawyer. In tears, Phyllis confides that Tucker convinced Carson to come forward. My life is in his hands.

Abby and Ashley again chat away from the boys. It feels right living here with Devon and Dom but she feels guilty about hurting Chance. Now, what’s your news? Abby asks her Mom. The four again gather for Tucker’s announcement – he and Ashley are getting married in a couple of weeks. Abby and Devon clearly aren’t impressed.

Tucker was able to find Carson before Mike’s people – he trapped me into a corner. Yes, Phyllis knew about this when Heather told her that Carson had been found. Did he really witness the attack that lead to you killing Stark? Yes – he saw it through the window and ran away, Phyllis lies. And what does Tucker want from you? Heather demands to know. He wants me to get Diane out of Jabot, Phyllis doesn’t trust Tucker – he’s holding an ax over my head. My life’s in his hands.