Wednesday, July 26th, 2023

Colliding in the park, Kyle and Summer are having an awkward conversation about Harrison when Audra preens on over. That’s enough – just stop, Kyle ends the ladies cattiness.

At Society, Chelsea updates Billy on her busy morning as Marchetti’s new creative director. He shares his mission – to make Ashley and Tucker think he’s on their side.

Getting into it with Ashley at the house, Diane boasts that she and Jack are getting married at the courthouse this afternoon. Ashley sees it as one last ditch effort to get your hooks Jack before it’s too late.

Jack’s tipping staff at the GCAC – he wants the best table set romantically for him and his bride. When Phyllis appears, Jack demands answers – starting with – how can you show your face in public?

It’s none of your business what I do, or who I do it with, you created this situation, Kyle reminds Summer. No, Audra isn’t ‘loving this’ – weren’t YOU the one who betrayed Kyle’s trust? Stop, Kyle repeats. Don’t destroy your life because of what I did; you’re better than this, Summer says before marching off.

Billy explains that he’ll play ‘Trojan horse’ to protect Jabot and Ashley (from Tucker) Chelsea isn’t sure he should risk reverting to his old demons.

You have a new ally, Diane tells Ashley that Billy’s not happy with the way Jack’s handling everything. He’ll lose everything because of you, you stupid bitch! Ashley warns Diane that she’s out of her league. Do us all a favour and move on! she slams out.

Phyllis never intended for any of this to happen and asks Jack to forgive her as he has Diane. Accusing Phyllis of destroying Summer and Kyle’s marriage, Jack tells her NOT to ‘fix’ it – you’ve done enough! After he storms out of the club, Tucker emerges to nag Phyllis.

Phyllis can get Jack where Tucker wants him – he’ll be calling me Red soon (which will drive Diane nuts) She wonders what happens to their arrangement if Diane doesn’t care if Jack forgives her. After Tucker saunters off, Lauren arrives to hug and scold her BFF.

Back in the park, Audra can see that Summer’s gotten under Kyle’s skin. She understands – love can be dangerous (she’s referring to Noah)

On the CL’s patio, Chance uses his two fingers to turn Summer’s frown upside down (like Dom did to him when he came home from a hard day of detective work) If Chance can ever help ‘ease the moment’ for Summer, he’s happy to do it.

Coming home, Jack pauses a moment to shake off his scowl before approaching his bride to be. Diane reports her encounter with Ashley, during which she dropped hints about Billy’s displeasure with his brother. This fight needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Knowing she’s not the easiest person to deal with, Summer appreciates Chance’s kindness. He leaves Chelsea to join her boss and comment on what a good guy Chance. Summer relays her run in with Kyle. I still love him – how can I just walk away?