Thursday, July 27th, 2023

Diane insists that she and Jack are getting married today because they love each other. Ashley applauds her performance – bravo! Jack lashes out at Billy when he weighs in – you’re blindly jumping off a cliff. You’re just as melodramatic as Diane, Ashley snaps at Jack. I’m just standing here, Tucker says innocently when called a ‘cretin’. Traci comes in to scold everyone for fighting on Jack and Diane’s wedding day. After Ashley and Tucker leave, Jack and Billy nod at one another.

In bed, Kyle assures Audra that Adam won’t be able to make Newman Media ‘redundant’. I’ve beat him once – I can do it again, he’s confident.

At the ranch, Adam blasts his father for telling Vikki about his plans to take over Newman Media. She told Nate – he backs Audra. Knowledge is power and you took that away from me and gave it to the enemy.

The other divisions of Newman aren’t the enemy, Victor reminds Adam that he gave him McCall. He should be collaborating with Nick and Sharon, not bulldozing over anyone he perceives as an enemy. If Adam can’t see the value of family unity, Victor may have to change his perspective.

Now dressed, Audra asks Kyle how he beat Adam. By giving him enough rope to hang himself (at Jabot) He’s an angry boy with Daddy issues and a short fuse. He’ll self destruct. Audra likes Kyle’s ruthless streak ~kiss~

Meeting Abby at the GCAC, Ashley’s too wound up about Jack making the worst mistake of his life to plan her own wedding.

With Traci standing by as the sole witness, the Justice of the Peace begins – we’re celebrating the marriage of Jack and Diane.

Ashley doesn’t like Abby comparing Jack’s ‘sudden’ wedding to her and Tuckers. You don’t understand. Abby does – you won’t like it – you’re holding onto your fury towards Diane like it’s a blanket. Maybe you’re angry at yourself. Ashley scoffs.

Coming through the clubs’ revolving door, Tucker’s surprised to see Billy. Since he’s not at Jack’s wedding, maybe he really IS as opposed to him marrying Diane as he claims to be.

After flashbacks spanning Jack’s shock when Diane re-entered his life – to his proposal, Diane speaks through her tears – she and Jack are together at last. Blah, blah, blah. With more sappy words from Jack, he and Diane hold hands as they say ‘I do’. Traci smiles as the groom kisses his bride.

Victor and Adam continue their heated debate. Son, you need to be put in your place – to be taught some humility. I’m putting the brakes on this whole endeavor! Victor shouts.

Back at the club, Billy’s pissed off – my brother’s losing his mind. Tucker agrees – but where does that leave you? Have you had enough?