Friday, July 28th, 2023

Daniel ends a call with Lily as he happily skips into the jazz lounge. What are you so happy about? Summer sulks. Maybe playing one of your games can help me?

Napping in her suite, Phyllis has a dream that Nick barges in to blast her. She awakens with a gasp.

Sharon gushes over Aria, in her stroller. The only way to settle her down is driving around, Mariah is concerned about Faith (and her Mom) Both my daughters are warriors – and Sharon’s excited about running her new company with Adam and Nick. How haven’t you killed each other yet? Mariah jokes.

Over beers at Society, Adam updates Nick that Dad’s pulled the rug out from under them – he’s calling the shots now – we’re not to do anything til he gets back from Germany. Guessing Adam pissed Dad off by going after Newman Media, Nick scowls – you’ve screwed things up for me and Sharon – good job.

At the jazz lounge, Phyllis’ promises that she’s a changed woman are met with silence from Summer and Daniel. They only react when she asks for their opinion on her going to work for Adam.

Back at Society, Nick continues to berate Adam. Dad gave us free rein for 3 months but that’s not good enough for you. Dad didn’t go to Germany to secure funding – don’t you see what’s going on here?

Assuring Mariah that her partnership with Nick and Adam will go well, Sharon asks if she’d consider leaving Jabot to come work with her.

Her maternity leave almost over, Mariah had planned to go back to Jabot full time. Sharon offers her the position of director of marketing or whatever title she wants – we need someone vibrant, creative who can think outside of the box. Sounds like you babe, Tessa thinks it an amazing opportunity.

Neither Daniel or Summer think their Mom working for Adam a bad idea. I have bills to pay, legal fees, paying back the life insurance policy Stark cashed in on. Politely declining the kids offer of money, Phyllis needs to work. The only downside is Adam’s partners. Nick will never forgive me for what my actions cost you (Summer)