Monday, September 4th, 2023

At the revolving door, Mariah thanks Devon (when then convinces her and Aria to come stay at the estate while Tessa’s out of town) Abby and Dom will be thrilled.

Billy explains how he he spied for Jack and Diane – then Ashley asked him to sabotage Jabot from the inside. No, he wasn’t a double agent – he was loyal to Jack and the company. That said, Billy has concerns about both sides and feels HE might be the only one who legitimately wants to protect Jabot, no matter what.

Daniel and Heather chuckle over a couple of funny stories about Lucy. At the mention of them going back to Lisbon soon, Phyllis believes Lucy would rather stay here. Standing, Heather thanks them for the drink and gets a hug from Phyllis and a ‘good night’ from Daniel (who’s left to raise an eyebrow at his Mom – wow, what was that all about?)

Billy believes Diane could talk Jack into giving her his (Billy’s) job – which could lead to the mayhem Ashley’s waiting for. Jabot needs to be run by someone who’ll think only of the company. That’s me. No, Billy’s not planning a coup – but he IS the right person to run Jabot. Lily has doubts – you don’t have the same passion for it that Jack has. You do NOT want to try taking control from your brother (Lily speaks from experience – it’s horrible)

Lily’s glad Billy doesn’t plan to go to war with Jack (a war he won’t win) Billy’s mildly annoyed and not sure what he’ll do. ‘WWDD’, Lily suggests – ‘What Would Dad Do’. Neil and John were both wise businessmen. You good? Lily asks. Billy’s better now – thank you – I know what I need to do.

At the estate, Devon’s set up the same guest room Mariah stayed in last time (after Dom was born) We’ll have a nightcap when Abby comes home and the kids are in bed.

Isn’t the ‘new’ Phyllis supposed to be about respecting boundaries and not crossing lines? Daniel reminds. He’s happy with Lily Heather’s the past – we share a daughter – but trying to push us together would be a big mistake. This is your chance to prove you’re changed, he leaves the lounge.

Coming through the revolving door, Lily encounters Heather. You OK? You seemed a little out of it. Long day, Heather claims – good night. Lily’s left looking unsettled.