Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

At the chess board, Victor’s happy when Nikki accepts the job of CEO of Newman Media. Now I’m an enemy of Adam’s too, she adds.

Sharon’s at Adam’s place because she’s concerned about him. She knows he must be devastated that Victor cut him out. Adam blames himself – I’m in free fall.

Vikki’s summoned Nick to her office – she’s furious that Dad restructured the company without running it by her. Nick knows she must also hate that he’ll be working right between her and Nate.

At the GCAC’s bar, Audra updates Kyle that Nikki will likely accept the CEO spot – demoting her to COO. She’ll do everything to keep her ally/asset onboard but Nikki will fire her if she keeps seeing Kyle.

Adam knows he blew it by betraying Sharon’s trust – now, he’s lost everything. I’m my own worst enemy – he’d appreciate her help. I need to change.

Nikki tells Victor that Audra’s seeing Kyle. He and Summer are getting divorced. Like father like son, Victor mumbles. He sees Audra as an asset but won’t keep her if she upsets his granddaughter.

It’s none of Nikki’s business if we’re seeing each other, Kyle’s mad. Audra can’t really blame her for wanting to protect her granddaughter.

Vikki doesn’t want Nick to feel pushed aside. You did push me aside, he points out. Vikki claims that her intentions were good. Neither are pleased with Victor’s moves. Vikki especially – and she’ll tell him so.

Of course, Vikki wants Nick back at NE. He can let go of his ‘hurt’ but he can’t let go of his certainty that Nate can’t be trusted.

Adam needs to stop looking at his place at NE as a right. He’d be willing to take a low level position and work his way up. Sharon’s not buying it. You don’t know what you really want.

Audra likes having Kyle around. He likes being around but will step away – we have to stop seeing each other. No, we just have to keep our relationship a secret from Nikki.

Audra and Kyle agree that they can be discreet. Playing with fire by sneaking around sounds exciting. Audra will make sure Kyle has a job at Newman Media.

Vikki’s at the ranch to blast her father. Nikki gives her a hug – welcome home. She then leaves Vikki to rant – how could you do all this behind my back?

At CL’s, Nick relays the news to Sally that while Vikki was out of town, Victor put him back at Newman. She’s sorry to hear that Adam’s lost his job after losing Ava. He brought it on himself, Nick claims.