Monday, September 4th, 2023

Devon’s brought Mariah to the club for dinner, distraction and to support her through her tears ‘n fears (Tessa’s in NY doing a Marchetti fashion shoot)

Running into Billy at CL’s, Lily knows that look – and that tone – something’s wrong. Billy could say the same about her.

Phyllis is pleased that Daniel agreed to meet her in the jazz lounge. Her job? It seems to be collapsing. Lily? She’s great. Daniel? He may not be so great. Heather eavesdrops.

Daniel admits that Heather being in town has thrown him for a loop – and Lily too. Phyllis wonders if old feelings have been stirred up.

Felling a bit silly, Lily updates that Heather’s staying in town to do some pro bono work and so Lucy can spend time with Daniel (she claims) Yes, she does think it possible that he could be pulled back to Heather, she confides to Billy.

Sure, Mariah might be weepy but she’s still cynical on the inside – I haven’t changed. Technology’s changed, Devon encourages. Mariah’s clearly feeling helpless and terrified.

Now that Devon’s told her positive things, Mariah wants to prepare for the worst case scenario. OK – against his better judgment, Devon will.

Lily’s not sure where she wants things to go with Daniel – she’s had a lot of speed bumps. No, she didn’t mean Billy. Lily wants Daniel to have a relationship with Lucy’s Mom – we’re good. Billy’s glad – Daniel would be an idiot to mess things up.

The only feelings Heather’s presence has stirred is guilt for how Daniel treated her and Lucy. Phyllis denies that she has an issue with Lily – but she has a special affection for Heather. Oh, look who’s here, she’s delighted when Heather approaches.

‘Phyllis. Daniel’, says Heather. She admires the lounge and the portrait of Neil. Lily and Devon must love it. Yes, and right here is where I collapsed, Phyllis points. Join us? Heather doesn’t want to intrude. You’re family, sit, Phyllis insists. Daniel’s silent.

Yes, Billy misses Chelsea – but moving with Connor was the right thing to do. Jabot’s in flux – he’d like to talk to someone he can trust. Lily’s all ears.

As requested, Devon gives Mariah worst case scenario – the hearing aids don’t work, Aria’s deaf and everyone learns sign language. He teaches her how to spell Aria and the signs for Mother, guitar, swimming, brave.