Monday, September 11th, 2023

Audra won’t let it go – will Ashley bring her patents back to Jabot? What about the new company? Tucker snaps, then apologizes – and sees Jack, Diane and Billy at the revolving door.

We’ll always be a family; yes, Daniel will tell Lucy. After her talk with Phyllis, Heather’s thinking of moving back to the US; Savannah or GC. Surprised to hear that Heather’s off to meet his Mother, Daniel has the feeling that she wants them to get back together.

Changing the subject, Summer hears that Phyllis’ job is up in the air. Yes, she’ll focus on her own life. No, she doesn’t need a ride – she’s meeting her attorney. Summer raises an eyebrow – really?

The curious Abbott’s saunter over to ask Tucker why Ashley didn’t come home with him. Ask her yourself, he barks before leaving Audra to stonewall them. It’s not my place to say, she too exits. Jack leaves Ashley a ‘call me’ message. Perhaps she doesn’t want this fight either, Billy suggests.

You’ll never guess where she’s headed, Daniel says after Heather leaves. To have lunch with Mom – that’s why Summer wanted to meet Daniel – Mom wants to fix both our relationships. No, Summer doesn’t want that – what about you and Heather???

Now seated, Jack, Diane and Billy brainstorm reasons Tucker came home alone. As she leaves, Jack asks Billy to stay to talk about what he said earlier.

Jack can’t help but question Billy’s sudden change of heart and whatever’s going on with Ashley – he hates not being able to trust his family. His eyes watering, Jack thinks Billy’s concerns legitimate – he can’t give Diane blind power at Jabot. Billy looks forward to showing her the ropes. The brothers then share a chuckle.

Running into Diane in the park, Abby thanks her for saving her Mom. Going on a honeymoon is a sign that she’s letting go of her resentment. You don’t agree, she puzzled by Diane’s reaction.

In his suite, a glum Tucker flashes back to how happy he was with Ashley on their wedding night – then, in Paris, his disappointment when she’d expressed misgivings about fighting with Jack.

Stunned to hear that Tucker’s back but her Mom’s not, Abby thanks Diane, then is left to leave a message for Ashley – what’s going on!??

Lily and I are happy, Daniel tells Summer that no, he doesn’t want to repair his relationship with her. The siblings agree that they need to put a stop to Mom, before she makes things worse.

Hey, thought you were on your honeymoon, Phyllis comments when Tucker arrives at Society. Walking in seconds later, Heather greets him in a friendly manner. I might need a good attorney, he informs.

Jack’s grateful that Billy’s willing to share his ‘institutional knowledge’ with Diane and that he’s back in his corner. Billy apologizes again for things going ‘sideways’. However, his slight pause and jaw twitch hint that he has something up his sleeve. And, Jack watches his brother’s retreating back through narrowed, suspicious eyes.