Friday, September 8th, 2023

To what do I owe the pleasure? Adam lets his Dad in. No, Victor’s not there to gloat or apologize – he’s there to see how his son’s doing.

At Society, Sharon all but ignores Sally as she asks Nick to follow his instincts (and come work with her)

Nate’s glad that Vikki’s home and that she’s not deliberately avoiding him (she got in late last night and had an unpleasant meeting with Victor)

Vikki’s surprised Nate’s not sure where he stands. Are we still good? he asks. Her reply is a passionate kiss.

Over lemonade, Sally remains silent as Sharon pressures Nick. He considers going back to Newman to keep and eye on Nate.

Victor’s in disbelief that Adam won’t take responsibility for being ousted from McCall.

Vikki’s still furious with her father but we talked it out. At least Adam’s out – and Newman Media will ‘soar’ with Mom as its CEO. Nate wonders if Nick will try to get him fired when he comes back to NE. Am I interrupting? Nikki appears in the doorway.

Sharon continues to work on Nick. You can’t be the one to save the world. If you want to do something good, do it with me – we’ve always worked so well together. Nick needs time to think. Sally cheerily agrees.

Adam admits that he’s to blame – he felt entitled to run Newman Media and regrets his actions. You’re my son, I love you – where do we go from here? Victor asks.

Nikki reports spending the afternoon transferring her office to Newman Media and reassuring the nervous staff. Nate’s sure Audra’s looking forward to learning from Nikki (who pointedly remarks that the transition won’t be complete until Nick is back at Newman)

Sharon leaves Sally to inform Nick that she doesn’t have a problem with him working with Sharon and will support whatever decision he makes. She can’t help but feel sorry for Adam; losing Ava, then this. Hold up – is Nick implying that Adam deserved to lose the baby???