Monday, September 11th, 2023

At Society, Phyllis ‘tries too hard’, then apologizes for trying too hard. Just back from Milan, Summer’s trip has reminded her of how much she loves her work. It’s time she moved on.

Running into Heather at CL’s, a chipper Daniel jokes and comments that it’s really ‘not OK’ for his Mom to grill her about moving back.

Finding Tucker in a foul mood at the club, Audra wonders why he’s back from his honeymoon. He didn’t realize that Jack had such a hold on Ashley.

In his office, Jack hands Diane an invite to a celebration of their marriage. All we need is to set a date.

In the park, Billy looks grim as he flashes back to his argument with Jack. He marches off like a man on a mission.

Summer feels that she’s making progress in letting go of Kyle. It doesn’t have to be over – this is about YOUR happiness. Like hell it is, Summer reminds her Mom that she’s the reason for the break up.

Billy interrupts Jack and Diane kissing to blurt out that he’s sorry.

Audra pries details out of Tucker, who admits that he and Ashley had more than an argument.

Back at Society, Summer wants to make her own decisions. Phyllis comments that Daniel and Lily may not last with Heather in town. I’m moving on – I’m free, Summer insists when her Mom refuses to believe that her marriage is truly over.

Heather tells Daniel that she and Christopher have broken up because he wanted her to cut back on work and have kids and that Lucy hopes the three of them can be a family again.

Billy made a mistake in buying into Ashley’s theory that Diane would ruin Jabot. He thought he might run it on his own. Diane wishes she hadn’t asked him to dupe Ashley and Tucker. Billy caught himself falling into his old, destructive habits. The three of them head out to the club for a celebratory lunch.