Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

When Abby chases Tucker downstairs, he gripes about being wrong about Ashley wanting to start fresh with him. I’m heartbroken. You and all the Abbott’s – STAY AWAY! he orders before storming off.

Nikki continues to threaten Adam – hell will rain down on you if you hurt Victor again. She gives him 24 hours to stop whatever he’s planning. If not, you’ll regret it for the rest of your miserable life.

Vikki’s also issuing threats. If her father installs Adam as co-CEO she’ll walk just like Nick did. Victor informs her that Adam will start at the bottom. Who will be Vikki’s co-CEO? You, Victor surprises her.

Victor spells it out. He’s taking the reins. Vikki will be his co-CEO. Ripping the rug out from beneath me? she’s pissed. Victor’s not happy either – he’s taking over – is that clear!? He will run the company he built (which is now ‘disjointed’) Nikki arrives in time for a furious Vikki to almost run her over as she exits.

Tucker’s now in the lounge to tell Audra and Nate not to trust each other (trust is a dangerous thing) As for what’s ‘blown up’, nothing YET.

Devon’s giving an emotional Mariah a pep talk (about Aria picking up on her anxiety) when Abby rushes in.

Back at CL’s, Adam gets no sympathy from Ester. He sends a text to his Dad; can we meet?

Happy that her Dad and Sharon are working together again – and that Chance has been promoted to Chief of Police. He’ll take a raincheck on the trip with Sharon. Break a leg, a delighted Summer wishes Sharon good luck on her trip.

Appreciating their support, Mariah goes to tend to a crying Aria. Talk to me, Devon urges. Abby relays her talk with Tucker (it’s his fault, she’s sure)

Getting a text from Vikki, Nate suddenly has something to go take care of. That leaves Tucker to warn Audra that she’s in way over her head with ‘that one’. She warns him that wherever he’s ‘going with this’ is a bad idea.

Upstairs, a mad-as-hell Vikki tells Nate that she’s been demoted. Nikki wouldn’t approve this – is it a done deal? Nate asks what Vikki will do about it. Do nothing until you calm down, he advises.

Nate and Vikki are joined at the kiss and shedding clothes as they awkwardly stumble into Newman’s corporate suite.

Nikki’s strongly disapproving of Victor’s decision to run Newman when Adam arrives to clear up a misunderstanding – on Nikki’s part.

With Chance offering to take Sharon to the airport, the couple say goodbye to Summer (who exchanges a brief half-hug with Chance which seems to leave her wanting)

Audra’s worried about Tucker and thinks he needs a friend who’ll keep him from being his own worst enemy. Thanks, he gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves.

Dropping by CL’s for her carry on, Sharon gives Chance a kiss before they leave all smiles.

In the park, a dreamy Summer flashes back to a chat with friend Chance) He’s rooting for her. She seems to suddenly realize that she has feelings for him.

Tucker resists the urge to text Ashley, but not the urge to kiss Audra when she comes into his suite.

Nikki told me to back off, Adam’s not intimidated by her and won’t back down. He’s there to fall in line and serve his Dad. Say the word and consider it done.

Feeling better? Nate asks (in bed) You’re a miracle worker – Vikki vows to fight her father. I’ll be damned if I’ll let him take this away from me. Nate gives her a kiss.