Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Abby’s now at Jack’s to worry about her Mom and again relays to him and Diane what Tucker told her. Mom’s not returning my calls!

In bed, Audra tells Tucker that this was a one time thing. You’re on a fishing expedition – you want pillow talk about my marriage, he suspects.

Lucy and Daniel are in the park. She hoped Portugal would work out – she and Mom needed a change. Do you want us to come home? she asks her Dad.

At Society for lunch, Phyllis denies that she’s trying to get Heather and Daniel back together; she’s learned her lesson about interfering but thrilled when Heather asks how serious he and Lily are.

Phyllis has mixed feelings about Daniel and Lily’s relationship but he seems happy. He’s the one who screwed up (not Heather) Now that Daniel’s stable would you want to reconcile?

Of course Daniel wants to have Lucy as close to him as possible. What about Mom? Lucy thinks she likes it in GC – it feels like home. She doesn’t understand why her parents can’t get back together. You must be happy with Lily, she adds.

Jack and Diane agree with Abby – Tucker must have done something wrong. Why would he come back HERE to lick his wounds? He might retaliate against us, Jack warns.

Still in Tucker’s marital bed marital bed, Audra knows he’s up to something. And he knows she’s not just concerned about her boyfriend’s family’s company. What’s in it for you?

Audra’s ‘fascinated and curious’. Exploring your options? Tucker will share if she does. If I did have plans, would you work with me again. We can give each other what we want. Fine, Audra will entertain the possibility but wants to know Tucker’s plan.

Traci and Billy join the worry-about-Ashley party. With Tucker, it’s better to be safe than sorry, Jack wants them all to be on guard.

Phyllis doesn’t want Heather and Daniel to give up on one another. She just wants her kids to be happy. Heather urges Phyllis to stay out of her and Daniel’s lives. Good to see you, she leaves.

Lucy wonders if her Dad would get back with her Mom if Lily wasn’t in the picture. Daniel explains that her Mom saw the worst in him and couldn’t trust that he wouldn’t revert. When Lucy asks her question again, Daniel admits that maybe he and Heather would reconcile if he wasn’t with Lily.