Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Hold up, Daniel doesn’t want Lucy to go planning anything. She won’t go all ‘parent trap’ – you can’t make people fall in love – you can’t make them fall out of love either, she gets her Dad thinking.

Tucker had his eye on Jabot when he came back to town, Diane recalls. Jack believes he’s the target. Billy has an idea that could solve everything.

Now out of bed and in matching fluffy, white robes, Tucker tells Audra that he plans to take Jabot from the Abbotts. He’s interested to know what she has in mind.

Heather joins Lucy and Daniel in the park. There’s a lot to decide and discuss. But for now, she has to go back to Portugal for work. Daniel wonders if his Mom did something to scare her off.

As Lucy’s on her phone in the background, Heather won’t say whether Phyllis did or said something. Your Mom loves you very much. She and Lucy will see Daniel again before they leave. Lucy gives her Dad a hug. He watches Heather walk off.

Billy’s plan is to make Tucker think that his relationship with his family (especially Jack) is in ‘shambles’ (again) – that he wants to run Jabot. Jack’s not sure it’s a good idea.

Audra updates Tucker on Victor’s power plays (and what every one’s doing) She’s not thrilled about working for Nikki – she doesn’t trust me. If you can get Jabot, ‘I’m all yours’.

Lily’s been summoned to Daniel’s suite – your text sounded urgent. After sex, he wants to be honest and transparent – My Mom’s trying to push me and Heather together, and now she’s rushing back to Lisbon. Lily knows Phyllis likes to meddle but suspects another scenario.

Tucker will pull out all the stops, Jack warns – he just saw you with me and Diane. Tucker burns everyone, Abby adds. I can handle it, Billy’s confident.

Lily senses that Heather still has feelings for Daniel. He doesn’t think so – it wouldn’t matter anyway because we’re together. Lily would understand if Daniel was conflicted. Heather might want you back. You’re not worried, are you? Lily answers his question with a kiss.

You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, Tucker thinks Audra’s relationship with Kyle could be useful. I’m glad we’re back in action, he kisses her forehead.

Wanting to wait until they hear from Ashley, Traci warns her brothers not to let Tucker come between us. She and Abby leave Diane to side with Billy. OK, Jack reluctantly agrees – go sus him out. See you soon, Billy leaves to tackle his mission.