Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Coming through the revolving door, Kyle’s surprised to run into Audra and Tucker together. Where’s my Aunt?!

At the house, Jack and Diane are still worrying about Ashley – as well as Kyle and Summer but then move on to a happier topic – their wedding celebration.

Needing to get to Society, Abby hopes Devon will get some info about her Mom from Tucker. Everything’s going to be OK, he promises.

Tucker tells Kyle that Ashley stayed in Paris to take care of business, he came back to take care of local business. He leaves Kyle to hope for some sex with Audra.

Audra has some calls to take before their meeting. Our connection is supposed to be secret – we shouldn’t hook up here. Kyle will go have another form of work out then. As she leaves, Billy walks in – wanting to talk to Kyle about Audra and Tucker.

Let Tucker make his move – Jack’s not afraid – he’s invincible thanks to Diane’s love. Of course he knows he can count on her.

Tucker’s disappointed that he’s been summoned to talk to Devon (not see Dom) What the hell happened in Paris?? Flashback to Ashley reminiscing about her start at Jabot. She can’t walk away. What about our plans? Tucker had asked. Everything went wrong, he tells Devon.

In the jazz lounge, Billy tells Kyle that he doesn’t trust Audra or Tucker. He didn’t seem like his usual self, Kyle admits – how do I fit in? Spy? No, not happening.

Tucker tells Devon that Ashley decided to throw away their plans in favour of her family. Accusations were made. We can’t roll it back. Couples fight all the time, Devon doesn’t get it – did you do something to Ashley that your aren’t saying?

Ashley calls Jack from Paris to tell him that everything’s changed.

Billy worries that Tucker’s out for revenge, but targeting Jabot and the Abbotts, especially Kyle’s Dad, which affects his Mom. Kyle can’t help, he’s not seeing his boss anymore.