Monday, September 18th, 2023

At her Mom’s, Mariah’s glad her Mom won’t be flying to the West Coast in this bad weather and can only hope that Tessa is able to get back in time for Aria’s audiologist appointment in the morning. Have a little faith, Sharon encourages.

In the jazz lounge, Phyllis has no sympathy or comforting words for Tucker – what did you do to make Ashley dump you?

At the house, Billy and Jack are glad Ashley finally saw Tucker’s true colours; both see him as a threat. Who knows what his next move will be.

Mariah and Sharon are both relieved to be rid of Adam. After discussing the company for a bit, they talk about the ‘perfect’ Chance. Sharon confides that she might have competition – from Summer.

Summer and Daniel catch up over drinks at Society. She’s moving on from Kyle and ready for her next adventure. Romantic adventure? he asks.

Jack updates Billy that Ashley will be working remotely. Yes, he can forgive her after their conversation and her nearly choking to death. Billy admires his brother’s ability to forgive.

Sitting uninvited, Phyllis is surprised that Tucker knows that the insurance payout Stark hid (along with half her savings) was 2 million. They must want it back, since Phyllis isn’t dead. He wants to make a deal.

Daniel presses Summer on whether it’s really over with Kyle (look at Lily and me) then is surprised that she has feelings for Chance (who’s with Sharon) Summer hates that. That you have feelings for him or that he can’t reciprocate?

Sharon senses that Summer’s attracted to Chance, which doesn’t surprise or concern her. Mariah would hate to see Summer ruin things for them. She’s glad she doesn’t have to pretend to like her anymore. Tessa then surprises her ~hug~

Billy thinks they should be on the offense – why is Tucker in town anyway; he needs to go. Tucker doesn’t have a weakness, Jack points out. He does, Billy wants to turn Devon against him.

A deal with Tucker is only good for Tucker, Phyllis knows. He wants to pay her debt off in full. She’s not interested. What he wants in return is her IT skills (since she may not have a job with Nick and Sharon)