Friday, September 15th, 2023

Victor has a maintenance man remove Vikki’s portrait from the wall and replace it with the one he posed for a few decades ago.

At Society, Vikki denies she’s nervous about having dinner with her Mom, she’s just a little anxious – there IS a difference. Nate suspects she’s not concerned about her Dad, she’s looking at a way to get back at him.

In the jazz lounge, Adam flashes back to convincing his Dad that he’s really, really going to change. Let me start at the bottom. Care to share the joke? Sally appears to find him chuckling to himself.

Adam invites Sally to join him for a drink. She accepts – it’s time to usher in a new era for both of them.

Vikki claims not to be angry at her father, just concerned that he’s acting ‘erratic’. Nate thinks she should accept Victor’s decision; don’t retaliate. He ignores Nikki’s attitude, and leaves Vikki to tell her Mom that she’s mad as hell at her father.

Victor pumps his fists in the air and pours himself a drink. Nate appears in the doorway to watch him raise a glass to his portrait.

Yes, Nate admits that he and Vikki were surprised that Victor’s returning to take over (which he has every right to do) Tough-guy Victor pumps another fist in the air.

Vikki complains to her Mom about Dad acting irrationally. Maybe he’s not capable of running his empire. Nikki thinks that ‘extreme’.

Nick’s still wrapping up work on the East Coast, Sally informs. Thinking Adam sounds a ‘bitter’, she suspects it’s not his first drink today. Yes, she IS suggesting they have dinner together.

Now seated in the dining room, Adam orders wine and insists he’s sincere about starting at the bottom at NE. Sally’s pulling for him. Adam has everything ‘plotted’ out; which makes her suspicious. Do I need to worry about you?

Meanwhile, at Society, Vikki lists her father’s recent, ‘erratic’ decisions. Nikki disapproves – how far do you plan to take things?

Nate assures Victor that Vikki will soon realize she’s not being punished. He’ll do anything he can to enable a smooth transition. No, we’re not done here, Victor asks Nate to pour himself a drink.

Victor tells Nate that Vikki started in the mailroom – she knows this company inside out and didn’t accept promotions until she felt she deserved it. He wants an honest answer – does she deserve to keep her position? Nate just wants to help Vikki get past her anger. Is she angry enough to retaliate? Victor wonders.

Too upset to eat, Vikki sends her full plate back and gripes some more about being demoted. Yes, of course Nikki’s concerned about Victor’s health. No chance in hell she’d risk it.

Sally and Adam clink glasses a couple of times and toast to their new, exciting futures. Both feel ‘reborn’.

Sally and Adam are both tipsy but have a busy day tomorrow. Agreeing that he may walk her to her door, Adam escorts her out on his arm. He missed his friend. She missed him too.

Nikki believes that Victor went back to work to unify the company – if his health is at risk, she’ll come down on him like the wrath of God. We won’t lose your father – I’ve got this, she reassures Vikki.

Would Nate have told Victor if his daughter planned retaliation? He’s not comfortable but assures they’re on the same side in wanting the company to be more unified than ever.

Victor welcomes Nikki home with a hug – I’ve missed you. How was dinner with Vikki? She feels insulted and needs time and space. Let’s take a trip, she lists reasons why it’s the best thing to do – please say yes.

Returning to her office, Vikki sniffs one of the empty glasses, texts Nate and glaring at her Dad’s portrait on her wall, flashes back to their argument. When Nate arrives, she’s annoyed with his peace-keeping efforts)

After a brief, awkward silence at Sally’s door, Adam kisses her, then apologizes – it was my champagne brain; pretend it never happened. Good night. A flustered Sally makes it into her suite to lean her head on the door and sigh.