Tuesday, September 26th,2023

Delighted to have surprised Jack, Maime’s vague when telling him and Traci that she’s in town on an important matter.

At the estate, Lily updates Devon that Victor stonewalled Jill as well. Neither like the drama surrounding the mystery person who owns part of their company (yet will talk about nothing else. all. damn. day)

Colour to black and white flashback #1 (henceforth to just be called flashback. I’ll be sure to let y’all know when they fire the kid from fancy graphics school) Where was I? Ah yes – Vikki recalls arguing with her father…. When Nick joins her at Society, she asks for his help in preventing their Dad from making a big mistake.

Having seen the press release about the musical chairs within the Newman executives, Adam wonders what role he’ll be given. He’s not happy when Victor calls Nate to his office.

Victor doesn’t intend to send Adam to the mailroom (where Vikki started) He has something ‘further up the ladder’ in mind. When Nate arrives, Victor delivers surprising news – Adam will be Nate’s assistant.

Back at Society, Vikki tries to convince her brother that it’s not in Dad’s best interests to dive back into work. She’s frustrated when Nick refuses to come back to Newman.

Lily and Devon continue to beat the mysterious investor dead-horse.

Over coffee, Maime doesn’t want to jinx what she’s up to by announcing it. On the subject of Ashley and Tucker, Jack won’t let him get away with breaking his sister’s heart (again)

Maime opines that Jack should focus on his new wife, not Tucker. In town to settle business and ‘settle a few debts’, she’d rather stay at the club (than the house) – for privacy’s sake.

Ending a call with Bob, Lily reports that the money was traced to LBB Financial in Detroit. That’s her grandmother’s initials and they lived in Detroit but are long gone now. She and Devon conclude it’s a coincidence.

Adam objects to assisting ‘this guy’. Nate already has an assistant (who Victor’s reassigned) It’s an ideal position, he says unwaveringly.

Understanding why Vikki’s disappointed, Nick thinks she did an excellent job as CEO (other than hiring Nate) Perhaps Dad got bored at home – maybe he doesn’t approve of my love life, Vikki still claims to be worried about his health.