Monday, September 25th, 2023

Nate appears in the doorway as Victor’s giving a statement to the press. He’s there to see how the boss is settling in. You look right at home (behind the desk) Victor has some questions – about Adam.

When Jack joins him at the club, Adam congratulates him on marrying Diane. Yes, he’s there to discuss dirt on Tucker (hoping he’d be more reasonable with him than Billy) Name your price, he cuts to the chase.

Vikki knows her Mom asked to meet her at CL’s before going to the office to gauge her mood. Nikki believes she knows why Nick hasn’t returned her calls – you want him to come back to Newman as your ally.

Sally’s flashing back to Adam kissing her when Nick appears at her door with a disarming grin.

After some welcome-home-sex, Sally tells Nick how much she appreciates him backing her new company. He appreciates her taking his money. Did Adam bother you while I was out of town?

** Apologies. No time for proofreading or spellcheck today.

Adam admits that he sabotaged a good thing at Jabot but didn’t belong there – and he doesn’t need Jack’s money. How about I use the dirt against Tucker just so you can watch him fail? Jack suggests.

On a videocall, Jill, Lily and Devon all try to figure out who the anonymous investor is. Victor received the right offer at the right time. This isn’t good, Jill concludes.

Victor tells Nate that Adam wants to start at the bottom and work his way up at Newman. Nate doubts he can be a team player – why think Adam can play by the rules this time?

Victor wants to believe that Adam can change but yes, he’s certainly let me down. So have my other kids – Nick left again to work with Sharon. Nate can relate to feeling like an outsider (when he worked at CW) Victor asks him to support and encourage Adam.

Sally saw Adam while Nick was away – he claims that he’s moving on and not seeking revenge. Nick’s moving on too. Sally wonders if he left Newman to prove a point to his Dad.

Both hoping Nick comes back to work, Vikki’s sure her brother will be concerned when hearing that Dad came back to the stress of Newman.