Thursday, September 28th, 2023

It’s now evening and Diane has a meeting at the club. That leaves Billy to insist that the person going after them is Phyllis; she’s working for Tucker because she’s desperate for money. Why are they only targeting you? Jack wonders.

Arriving at CL’s, Tucker spots Audra and flashes back to telling her he doesn’t want to run Jabot – he wants to hit the Abbotts where it hurts – using his secret weapon, Billy.

Joining Audra at the counter, Tucker scores zero points for politeness with Ester. Moving to the patio, Audra relays Nikki’s message that she should stay away from Tucker.

Sitting on the barstool beside Phyllis, Danny’s in town for business and to see Daniel (who’s meeting him in the lounge) Danny thinks what Phyllis did is ‘horrible’ – but why would she care whether or not if he forgives her? Your opinion means a lot to me, Phyllis implores (as Daniel arrives to watch his parents from across the lounge)

Daniel hugs his Dad – is this a family reunion? If Phyllis wants to prove herself, her son and ex see no reason she hasn’t accepted Daniel’s job offer.

Back on the patio, Audra tells Tucker that Nikki was impressed when she stood up for herself. She offered to mentor me. That’s just about control, Tucker scoffs. Change trains and join me on the Jabot Express.

Tucker won’t stop with just me, Billy knows he wants blood; to take them all down. Jack reads an email Adam sent him. This dirt on Tucker is better than good news – it’s the motherload.

Over drinks, Daniel isn’t quite ready to trust his Mom with anything that might compromise his business (by taking short cuts) Danny adds – we’ve been burned too many times. Phyllis reports that Mike’s team of investigators found where Stark hid her money so she’s paid off the insurance company.

‘Certain’ that he’ll take over Jabot, Tucker’s serious as a rattle snake. His plan is already in motion – making it look like Billy’s embezzling. They’ll suspect you, Audra warns. Let ’em, Tucker doesn’t care.

In the office, Jack shares the dirt with Billy – Tucker and Audra covered up a scandal involving a singer and underage girls. Billy’s surprised to hear that Adam only asked for a favour down the road) Off to confront Tucker, Billy bristles when Jack reminds him to transfer the funds back to Jabot. He takes it that Jack doesn’t trust him.