Friday, September 29th, 2023

Good morning Boss, Adam took the liberty of ordering coffee for Nate. It must the thrilling to have so much power over me.

Vikki finds Victor looking ‘content’ in the big chair. She’s tired of fighting so came to make peace. Also, she’s come to a decision about her future.

Sally’s asleep when Nick answers the door and brings a breakfast tray in. She’s startled awake by a dream of Nick catching her kissing Adam.

Claire Grace joins Nikki and Audra at the ‘hip’ Society to ace her interview; only faltering when asked what brought her to GC.

Good morning beautiful, Nick serves Sally fresh squeezed orange juice. There’s no place he’d rather be – I missed you. I love you. She doesn’t know what to say. He’d like her to say that she’s falling in love with him too.

After much contemplation, Vikki’s seen the wisdom of her father’s actions. She believes the fracture in NE began with the purchase of Locke, then McCall’s company. But,the recurring factor is Adam.

Back at Society, Adam’s now humble. He knows Nate doesn’t want him as an assistant. Put me to work, I’m ready, Adam’s gung-ho. Except, Nate’s ‘not buying it for a second’

Hell yeah, Adam wants back in at Newman. Trusting you is a foolish move on Victor’s part, Nate (and Vikki) believe. I trust you as much as she does – not at all. This is how it’s gonna work – Adam’s to sort mail and keep track of office supplies. Nate will hire another assistant out of his own pocket to handle important things. This is what Victor wants, Adam warns Nate.

Victor refuses to talk about Adam to Vikki (or her mother and Nick) Yes, Vikki trusts Nate – but no one can keep Adam in line. But she’ll go along. Victor wonders why she’s folding so easily.

Nick’s sorry – he didn’t want to put Sally on the spot. She loves him. But you’re not in love with me – yet. It’s not you, it’s me – she’s been through so much. If she can’t fall in love with Nick, what does that say about her? As if to banish thoughts of Adam from her head, Sally clings to Nick.

Claire spent a couple of summers in GC with a college friend. Her name? Nikki asks. Oh – she knows the Carmichaels. Both are sorry to hear that Claire’s parents died young. Tell your Aunt that Nikki Newman says she raised a smart, interesting woman. Given a minute to discuss, both Nikki and Audra are impressed.

Nate has no faith in Adam – he stopped believing that Adam could change when he blackmailed Audra. You can’t change your nature. Adam vows to prove it, to Nate and everyone. Nate believes Victor put him in place as a guardrail against Adam damaging NE. Nate takes that job very seriously. Is that a threat, NATE?

Victor thinks Vikki’s turnaround is too ‘abrupt’. She’s willing to put her feelings about Adam aside. Victor was beginning to think their relationship was becoming untenable – then I’d have to fire you.

Adam has so changed. He’s gonna put in the work, pay his dues. I will gladly sharpen your pencils. You can’t break me so don’t even try it, he warns Nate.

Nick and Sally are out of bed and dressed. Both have a busy day lined up. Nick was supposed to meet his Dad for lunch but YES, he’d rather meet Sally in the park. She giggles as he kisses her neck.

It’s not the first time and won’t be the last, Vikki’s sure. When Nick calls to cancel lunch, Victor’s disappointed. He’s dodging you because he’s suspicious of your motives, Vikki opines. Whatever, he folds his arms.

Nick doesn’t care if his Dad’s upset that he canceled lunch. Sally suggests he show his Dad that he still loves him. Nick calls back to ask his Dad to meet him for a drink at the end of the day. I’d like that very much, Victor hangs up.

Claire comes back to good news – Nikki and Audra have agreed to hire her. I won’t let you down, she thanks them and can’t wait to get started. HR can help with your relocation. See you at the office, she leaves. Audra notes that Nikki likes to mentor young professionals. Yes, unless they get in her way (yes, that’s a warning)

Adam and Nate are in the CEO’s office to pretend they can work together. That makes Victor happy. I’m happy if you’re happy, Adam couldn’t sound more insincere. Victor’s glad everyone’s falling in line and he’s back where he belongs. Vikki’s eyes scream “I told y’all he’s losing his damn mind”

Adam will go settle into his new office. He really looks forward to working with Nate. Now alone, Nate claims to be cautiously optimistic. Victor, not so much (he’s suspicious of how quickly everyone fell in line)

By the elevators, Vikki and Adam insult one another. She doesn’t believe his act for one second. You’ll show your true colours again and Nate will bust you. Adam’s not buying her act either (OK with being demoted) When she shows her true colours, he’ll nail her to a wall. Getting on the elevator, he gives her a little wave.

Sally’s brought a blanket and picnic basket to the park – and also a fantasy of Nick catching her kissing Adam. Is that why you couldn’t say ‘I love you’? Nick had bellowed – you’re using me! … When Nick shows up in the park, Sally blurts out ‘Adam kissed me’.