Monday, October 23rd, 2023

What does it mean? Something’s not right here, Adam muses. What the hell are you doing!? Nate appears in the office to bark.

After a flashback of Victor her that he’s seeing upsetting patterns in his children, Nikki thanks Victoria for coming (to the ranch)

Among boxes, Lily, Phyllis, Danny and Daniel toast to Daniel’s new home. Phyllis needles him about why he’s staying in GC. Yes, he does, Lily smiles. Phyllis refers to recent developments (Heather) Danny and Phyllis praise Daniel for Omegasphere. He credits Lily for believing in him. Danny toasts to Lily and Daniel finding their way to one another. Heather and Lucy are moving back to GC, Phyllis makes things awkward.

Nate wonders if Adam was fantasizing. Adam doesn’t need to – he’s run NE, Dad asked for some paperwork, he claims. There’s nothing to be worried about. See you in the morning, he leaves with a folder.

Coming home, Victor’s annoyed that Vikki’s visiting so late – checking up on me. He and Nikki are discussing a private matter – nothing to worry about. Vikki looks quizzically at her tight lipped Mom.

Vikki knows her Dad doesn’t like being questioned. She doesn’t want his chair, she’s worried about him. After JT, she too told everyone she was fine, but I was struggling. Please see a professional. Victor will think about it.

Nick tries to leave the jazz lounge when Adam arrives. Can we put everything aside to talk as Victor’s sons. They compare notes on his behavior. Adam shows him the doodle. A snake with fangs – made out of our names.

Phyllis and Danny laugh about Daniel doing a wild caricature of his teacher. I was into photography before that, Daniel shares a memory of his own. When Danny praises Phyllis, Daniel can’t escape quickly enough (to get more champagne)

His parents ready to leave, Daniel admits that he had a nice time. Danny’s room will be ready soon. Now alone, Daniel thanks Lily for putting up with his Mom – she doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone.