Tuesday, October 24th, 2023

As Nikki sits by demurely, Victor objects to Nick’s nonsense – come clean about what? Nick claims to have figured it out. You draw this? It’s a snake made of the names Nick, Adam and Victoria – I know exactly what it means.

Surprised to find Danny on the CL’s patio, Chris in near tears – it’s good to see you. How did things, she admits.

Audra and Kyle are getting dressed (in her suite) If he’s to help her and Tucker gain control of Jabot, he’ll need more details on how it’ll play out.

In the club’s foyer, Jack wants to return Tucker’s gift. The listening device is in his open palm.

Coming downstairs, Diane looks at the luggage by the front door. Hi Diane, Ashley barely glances up from her phone.

Ashley didn’t tell Jack, or anyone, that she was coming home. She and Diane agree to peace for Jack’s sake (and you did save my life) Ashley then asks for the details on Tucker. Diane reminds of their common goal – protecting Jabot.

Jack advises Tucker to give up – or we’ll release the dirt we have on you. Tucker shrugs ‘credibility’ off. Jack wants to know what his ‘goals’ are.

Tucker would assume control of my family’s company, Kyle doubts the break up was all Ashley’s fault. Where’s Tucker hiding? What’s he thinking. Why do you trust him and why should I?

Nick explains that he took the doddle that Adam found in Victor’s desk. He knows it was drawn for his benefit – a story Victor used to read to him – The Serpent of Names. It’s a cry for help – that you need me. Vikki wouldn’t betray you, Adam might. Nikki chimes in – this has to stop – tell Nick the truth.

Victor! Nikki glares at him. Have you been putting on an act?! Nick fumes – are you kidding me!? Why would you let us worry? Why!? Victor needs to find out who can be trusted.

Danny encourages Chris to talk to him. She’d rather hear about the adventures of a rock star – or why he’s back in GC. Danny took a couple months off the tour to spend time with Daniel. And Phyllis? She comes with the package – but he believes she’s sincere about changing. Chris doesn’t (and eludes to the time she ran her and Paul over)