Tuesday, November 21st, 2023

Maime’s over the moon to be celebrating Thanksgiving with her family. Nate’s thankful that he was included. Cheers – they clink glasses with Devon, Daniel and Lily (who’s hosting)

At Society, Abby tells Lauren that she’s having drinks with Devon’s family, then dinner with the Abbotts (since the Newmans had to go out of town unexpectedly) Lauren thanks Abby for rescuing the Baldwin/Fisher Thanksgiving catastrophe.

Over burgers in the dining room, Tucker questions all things Thanksgiving. He doesn’t want to talk about business – he’d rather know about Audra’s feelings towards Kyle. There’s more going on, he suspects.

Chelsea’s stopped by the Abbotts before having dinner with Anita and Connor. Jack again needles Ashley about going to spend time with Tucker instead of her family.

Traci arrives with desserts (a family tradition since Billy hates pumpkin pie) Chelsea reports that Adam won’t be joining her and Connor. When Jack takes another shot at Ashley, all chuckle at his lack of subtlety.

In another universe, we’d have been a perfect match. What’s not to fall in love with? You’re brilliant, talented, stunning – maybe I am a little jealous, Tucker admits. Kissing her hand, he thinks Audra deserves better than Kyle.

Kevin enters Society grumbling about the family reunion nobody wanted. He looks forward to seeing Mike – but after what Gloria’s been through, he’s sure she won’t be stoic. On cue, Gloria’s dramatic entrance is followed by her falling asleep on the sofa.

Devon thinks it a great opportunity for Aunt Maime to tell her what Tucker’s plans are. Today isn’t about business, it’s about family, she declines (supported by Daniel and Nate)

Ready to leave, Abby tells the Baldwin/Fisher party that the food and wine are ready for them to serve themselves (as she sent her staff home for the day) Gloria complains about the lack of staff and not having a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

Ashley’s off to have a drink with Devon and Tucker – she’ll be back for dinner.

I deserve someone like you, just not you, Audra concludes. Shown the text from Ashley, she tells Tucker to say no if it’s a lost cause. Exactly, she sighs when Tucker makes no move to reject the invite.