Monday, November 20th, 2023

As Diane frets about her first Thanksgiving at Jack’s wife, Ashley comes along to surprise her and Jack; she wants to invite Tucker to their family gathering.

At the club, Audra was surprised that Kyle reached out to her. Now, why? He wants back in.

From Newman, Vikki leaves a message for her Mom. Call me – I could really use your advice.

Putting the bottle of vodka aside, Nikki thanks God upon finding the water bottle on her nightstand actually contains water. Claire! Why are you doing this to me?!

Nikki does her best to resist the tempting bottle of vodka. You know how to do this, she rocks back and forth on the bed. One day at a time.

Claire almost mows Vikki over as she flies off the elevator. Hearing that her Mom had a seizure this morning and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, Victor makes a call to ready the jet for a flight to Oregon.

Back at the club, Kyle tells Audra that Tucker’s wrong (about him backing out) and he has the evidence to prove it. Prove what? Tucker appears on cue.