Friday, December 8th, 2023

At the club, Vikki declines wine – she wants to stay sharp. After visiting Claire, they determine that she’s a victim of her Aunt Jordan. Mike’s stunned to see Cole. He too declines an alcoholic drink. They have something shocking to tell him – then a request that’s even more shocking.

Nikki’s distraught that this woman, Jordan, has so much hatred for her. She violated my sobriety and is now taunting her by calling to play her the music she used to strip to.

After hearing Vikki and Cole’s story, Mike knows they must be wondering if Claire is Eve. He’s alarmed that they want him to get her out on bond. He can do it – but what if she joins up with Jordan again?!

In her cell, Claire dreams of Vikki saying ‘I am not your Mother’ – and awakens to find Jordan outside of her cell.

It seems obvious to Cole that Jordan brainwashed Claire. Please talk to her, consider defending her, Vikki implores.

Be quiet – don’t give me away. It was harder for Jordan to get into the jail than the maternity ward where she stole Eve/Claire (who awakens with a gasp from her nightmare.

Jordan removes items from her duffel bag, framed photo of Eve, vials of poison and a knife.

Nikki and Victor are both glad she went to an AA meeting. It’s been an exhausting day for both of us. Nikki will make some tea and meet Victor upstairs – but first, vodka.

No, Vikki hasn’t shared her plan with their parents – they’d try to talk her out of it. What if this is a trap? Claire and Jordan could be in communication, Mike warns. She’s already made inroads. Jordan and Claire are good liars. They could go in for the kill and succeed this time. Perhaps there’s something at the house with Claire’s DNA on it. Cole will go look.

In her motel room, Jordan flips through a photo album of the Newman family – which enrages her.