Thursday, December 7th

It’s about time you idiots struck gold, Jill cackles as she agrees to work with Jack, Billy and Diane against Tucker.

At the club, Tucker tells Maime that he’s not out for revenge. He wants to put something good out into into the universe.Ashley appears – she’ll believe that when she sees it.

Danny brings take out and the good news that the wildfire around Mattie’s campus is 80% contained.

Chris and Phyllis have a tense conversation at CL’s. Is Chris getting closer to Danny???

Jack now realizes that Tucker doesn’t want to own Jabot, he wants to destroy it from within with orchestrated chaos.

* Todays recap comes a day late because I flew to the east coast with a puppy for my grandkids. Being in the airport for 12(!) hours with a puppy is … challenging.

A skeptical Maime leaves Ashley to question Tucker’s sincerity. He’ll tell her what’s going on – because she’s directly involved.

Jack, Diane Billy and Jill talk about Tucker taking Jabot down with their infighting and backstabbing. The company he bought would then have no competition. Then he’ll go after Chancellor. We have to render Tucker’s company worthless. Billy suggests that they already have the weapon they need.

What part did Ashley play? She’s to sign over the company they bought for Simply Ashley. It’s a clean break. What are you up to? Ashley doesn’t believe Tucker’s not up to something more sinister.

Daniel didn’t bring snacks, he brought groceries to make his famous Romalotti sauce. And this is awkward, he’s making it for Christine. Is this a date? Daniel notes that the secret sauce is only made for special occasions.

Chris accuses Phyllis of being jealous. Danny and I are co-parents, Phyllis adds. Chris boasts that Danny’s making her the Romalotti sauce. It’s incredible, Phyllis grins – nob appetite.